Celeb Interior Designer Megan Weaver Reveals Leonardo DiCaprio’s Home Used to Be Decorated with ‘Titanic’ Items

Bravo’s Flipping Out star and celebrity interior designer Megan Weaver says she one time stayed in Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Malibu beach house and made a huge reveal about the space.

Megan says she once worked for the superstar and his mom actually let her stay at the home.

“When I was working for Leo…his mom let me, his mom was so sweet. Irmelin… let me stay at his beach house in Malibu for a weekend. I was dating somebody who was living in Canada, having a long distance relationship, and he came to town and they let me have the beach house and I didn’t tell him where we were going,” she said during her podcast appearance on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef.

She continued, “And we walked in and you walk into this beach house and everything was Titanic, Titanic towels, Titanic poster, Titanic, you know, everywhere. And so he did look at me and he was like, is this Leo‘s house? Yes. That’s Leo‘s house. So that was, that was pretty amazing.”

She added, “I don’t think that’s something he would do now, but back then, and again, this was like early nineties…I think the film wasn’t even…that old. And so, yeah. And it was also not his main house. It was, you know, and he hardly went there. So I think they, it was probably his mom who did it, but it was a dead giveaway.”

Megan then said, “I remember it was the best bed I’ve ever slept in, in my life. I had to like, look at the mattress and see what kind of mattress it was. No, everything was very tasteful, but there were like dead giveaways with the Titanic towels and robes and the poster of Leo and yeah. So that was pretty fun.”

Leonardo, of course, starred in Titanic opposite Kate Winslet. Leonardo was actually finally asked one of the biggest fan questions from Titanic a few years ago.