Simple gardening CC for The Sims 4 to save you hours

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If you were not gifted with the virtue of patience, gardening in real life is probably not your thing. And so, like with many things that’s not worth bothering with in the real world, you might resort to a virtual alternative in The Sims 4.

While gardening is still far less cumbersome (especially if you use cheats), it can still feel rather time consuming, especially if you are keeping time in Sim hours.

You have to get your Sim to buy a seed packet, open that packet and hope you got what you were looking for, drag the seed into your planter and then plant it. While we appreciate the realism of mimic the process in the real world, Sim life is sometimes too short for real-life levels of gardening.

Absolutely Radishing Garden Planters: Sims 4 CC for avid gardeners

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© Provided by Extra Time Media
Absolutely Radishing Cc Ravasheen

You probably guessed what was coming. Yes, it is that ancient Sims proverb: luckily, there is a mod/CC for that.

Created by Ravasheen (also check out their function bunk beds here), these simple planters will help make the gardening process a little bit quicker. And, for those Simmers who love having their plants in neat little rows, all lined up, there’s something to help make that process a little bit easier.

The early-access version is available on Patreon. There are a few bugs with some of the animations, but here’s a summary from the creator themselves:

I wrote custom coding for all of the planters in this set which lets you purchase, place, and plant seeds all in one interaction! You can either choose a seed from your Sim’s inventory or purchase a specific seed. The seed will automatically be placed in the planter/pot and your Sim will then autonomously plant the seed. If you aren’t ready to plant you can also just purchase specific seeds (not seed packets!) from the planter and straight to your Sim’s inventory.

All of the planters are fully functional! Your sim can plant, weed, water, fertilize, etc! However, on a few of the planters, the dirt mound may be offset during the planting animation. As soon as your sim is done planting it will snap to place. Kinda wonky for a really short time, but this means no overrides/less conflicts/full compatibility.

One of my favourite pieces are the modular, farming mounds. These pieces can be seamlessly tiled to give the look of outdoor farming but with the added features of my planters. I made the dirt mounds in five different colours to match your lot’s terrain!

This is just my first version of these planters and I plan to improve after getting some of your feedback! I did ask for suggestions and I got responses all over the board which is not surprising after looking at how everything is set up. Some of you said gardening was too easy and others said it was super hard. Plant growth/quality/evolution is very dependent on sim’s traits, lot type, and several other factors. With these custom planters, I am able to control things such as the growth rate, how fast plants become dry, weeds, and evolution time. To start, I have made two versions: basic and hydroponic.

The basic version works just like a standard planter – nothing special. The hydroponic planter keeps your plants hydrated at all times and prevents weed spawning. The evolution and growth times are normal (the Eco-Living hydroponic planter slowed these by 50%).

While the convenience is a big selling point, the aesthetics of the planters are worth it on their own – upcycle chic. We have also tested this with most of icemunmun’s custom harvestables and it all paired perfectly.