Actress Jillian Clare talks cooking and baking (Includes interview)

She is drawn to cooking and baking for a variety of reasons. “I’m not sure what it is exactly, but baking just totally relaxes me. I’m a big type A personality and I like that baking is precise. Everything needs to be measured out to just the right amount or the whole bake will be off,” she said.

“I bake a lot of bread and most of my recipes come from Bonnie Ohara’s bread book,” she said. “She’s an incredible bread maker and I love her recipes. I have also been obsessed with 6” cakes recently and trying out different designs. My neighbors are loving the free sweets.”


Regarding her inspirations to cook and bake in the kitchen, she said, “A lot of my cake inspiration comes from Instagram. There are a few accounts I’m obsessed with – @cakedbykatie, @bakingwithblondie and @ennahs.cakes have been my favorites recently. Their work is incredible and watching them try new designs is always inspiring to me. When I make bread, I usually do it on days I know we’re making something fun for dinner. If it’s a pasta night, I’ll start my dough early to make a good focaccia. I’ll also make bread if

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