Bobby Flay Taps Designers to Add Outdoor Kitchen to Home He Bought From Them

Bobby Flay’s got a lot cooking: On top of running his many restaurants across the country and growing his onscreen portfolio, the celebrity chef is also expanding his real estate holdings with the purchase of a new home located in the Hollywood Hills above the Sunset Strip, not far from the $6.5 million home he purchased in 2019. His new midcentury-style residence was originally built by Michael and Arya Martin, the married couple behind design firm OSKLO, as a home for themselves, but recently sold to Flay for $7.6 million. (Branden and Rayni Williams of Williams & Williams at The Beverly Hills Estates and Tomer Fridman of Hilton & Hyland held the listing.)

a living room: The indoor kitchen is a stylish black affair.

© Photo: Sam Frost
The indoor kitchen is a stylish black affair.

The 5,700-square-foot single-level home includes four bedrooms and five bathrooms, with each bedroom opening onto a private terrace. The free-flowing, open-plan house also features a sleek kitchen and a cozy media room, a living room outfitted with floating shelves and custom stonework, and a high-ceilinged great hall that looks onto an interior atrium containing an olive tree more than a century old. Much of the hillside home’s living spaces include glass walls looking

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Style at Home: Add panache with pillows

 A new year is upon us, and that means fabulous new fabrics we handpicked at market are finally arriving. With new textiles comes fresh bedding, upholstery and so many exciting pillows that I feel like a kid in a candy store. I am always switching out my throw pillows in my living spaces and adding so many to my bedroom I am surprised my husband can still make his way under the sheets each night. To this day, when we order pillows, we keep in mind Mary Carol Garrity’s three rules of pillow panache. Take it away, Mary Carol! — Katie Laughridge

They may be featherweights, but as decorating tools, accent pillows pack a powerful punch and can instantly give a room loads of panache. Time and again I’ve seen the right pillows take a nothing room and make it fresh and fabulous.

You can do the same in your home by trying these three simple steps. I like to reinvent my living room on a regular basis. I don’t get a roomful of new furnishings or paint the walls a new color. I simply switch out the accent pillows.

This little switcharoo, performed during the changing of the seasons,

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19 ways to add style and function to your plot

Are you on the lookout for some modern garden ideas? Whether you’re ready for a complete outdoor overhaul or just after a few quick tricks to make your space more welcoming, you’ve come to the right place.

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table: null

© Provided by gardening etc.

From outdoor living rooms, kitchens and even cinemas, to ambient lighting and stylish colour schemes, we’ve collected the best modern garden ideas out there. It’s all the garden inspiration you need, all in one place!

Just take a look at our garden design ideas below – there’s sure to be something that’ll catch your eye.

1. Be bold with shapes

A garden is a perfect place to get creative. After all, it’s your space, so have fun making it exactly how you want it to be! And, one way to create a bold yet playful effect is to experiment with proportions and form. 

This contemporary garden designed by London-based Harrington Porter ties a huge backdrop hedge together with clipped topiary balls, drawing the eye around the space. The round globes of purple alliums carry the spherical theme and add an intense shot of purple to the mix. 

These shapes beautifully balance the more angular lines used

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Teri and Ron Scheetz called on designer Heather Ware to add a needed decor upgrade

Teri and Ron Scheetz, and dog Brodie had lived in their Thornblade home for over 20 years, when three years ago they decided the home needed a decor upgrade. One call to their favorite interior designer, Heather Ware, and their upgrade become a reality!

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Jute rugs that will add a cottage-chic vibe to your floors | Most Searched Products

If your living room decor is looking a bit stale, consider changing or adding rugs to the floor for a refreshing change. Rugs crafted from jute, with their natural construction and flatweave are the perfect option for adding a bit of warmth and textural appeal to the floors. Small, circular jute rugs that can be used to create a cosy nook near the window would bring about significant refreshment to any living space. If you are convinced about the beauty of jute rugs, consider our recommendations before finalizing one:

This colourful and circular jute rug is perfect for creating a cosy nook on the floor with floor cushions and chairs. The rug is reversible and can be used for changing the look of the floor from time to time.

The rug measures 60 cm in diameter and it comes in a set of 2.

This jute rug measures 5 by 3 feet and would be perfect for placing near the couch, under the coffee table. The rug would also work well in a balcony. This sturdy and durable rug would last for years and its braided look will add a textural and warm appeal to your bedroom.

The natural look

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5 home renovations that can add thousands to the value of your house

Renovation is a costly business, with a recent survey suggesting that Brits spend £83bn pounds on home upgrades each year.

© Provided by The Scotsman

But how do you know which upgrades are worth the trouble?

a kitchen with a sink and a microwave

© Provided by The Scotsman

Jonathan Magill, UK Network Director at online estate agent Strike, offers tips on which jobs can really boost the value of your home — and which additions will cost you more than they earn.

1 Accentuate period features – potential added value: Up to 10{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c}

While some house hunters prefer a more timeless home, many buyers are willing to pay more for period features that make the house stand out. These could range from small things like skirting boards and architraves to bigger features, such as sash windows or an original fireplace.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table next to a window

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In many homes, previous owners may have covered up original features – beautiful Victorian tiles or wood flooring hiding underneath carpets, for example – so, see what your house has to offer and make the most of it. From repairing old cornices and mouldings to restoring beams or timber panelling, take advantage of the hidden treasures in your house.

a room with a tiled floor

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With kids back to class, brush up on these six gardening terms to add to your horticulture vocabulary

With Winter Break behind us and kids back in school — in person or online — it seems appropriate to explore some gardening terms, stories and maybe a little history. Feel free to study and, since there won’t be an exam, you will all get As.

Horticulture: The agriculture of plants, whether for food, material, decoration or comfort. That includes nearly everything that grows above and below ground, so I am wondering why we need the next word.

Floriculture: Simply the flowers of flowering plants. Most are used for ornamental reasons and not necessarily to eat. Hence the difference from horticulture, I would assume.

Slow Gardening: I like the sound of this, as when age and aches creep up, permission to take it easy is nice. That isn’t actually what it means, though the premise is to be patient with plants and with your abilities to grow them and to enjoy your garden rather than being a slave to it. Choose plants that do not need a lot of care. Plant flowering plants in your yard to reduce mowing. Skip the power tools and enjoy getting your hands in the dirt.

Companion Planting: This isn’t new, but certainly something

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Terrarium a great way to add plants to indoor landscape

If you are feeling the winter doldrums this year even more than before, you are not alone. With the holidays behind us and the pandemic still with us, it’s not easy staying upbeat.

a man sitting in front of a window: Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

But there are simple ways to help boost your spirits, such as by adding eye-catching plants to an indoor space to provide a little extra comfort.

Consider building a terrarium: Many different sizes and types of containers can be used, from an old pickle jar you might have in the basement to a vintage vase or antique container. Really, any clear glass or plastic vessel will work, as long as it has an opening wide enough to accommodate your hand.

You can even choose containers that match the decor of the room you wish to spruce up, and then complete the terrarium with small accent pieces or even heirloom items that will complement the decor as well.

Design features of terrariums can complement the decor of any room in the house.

© Unsplash
Design features of terrariums can complement the decor of any room in the house.

Making your own terrarium is easy and can be a great indoor-gardening activity for all family members, with each person choosing the type of container, plants and decorative items

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