Adopt a few new practices to start your gardening year off right | Community

Did you make a new year’s resolution this month? Extension gardening educators have come up with a few gardening practice resolutions that should be easy to keep and are sure to help you help your garden grow in 2021.

Write down observations in a gardening journal. Often, nature has a way of telling you about whether your practices are successful or not. Noting certain diseases, insects or weeds can influence your decisions and help you to make informed choices for the future. — Shane Bugeja

Anticipate insect and disease issues, and come up with a preventative management plan. The UMN VegEdge website lists insect profiles for many of the vegetables we grow in Minnesota. If you’re trying a new crop or just need a refresher, take a look at the crop profile and learn about the insects you should anticipate for next year’s garden. — Natalie Hoidal

Keep the labels of plants that you buy

Knowing exactly what a plant is, including the name of the cultivar or variety, is important. This is true of annual vegetables as well as permanent long lived trees. My memory is never good enough. I keep the labels for each year in a large

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