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LAKESIDE — Bonnie Petersen, owner of Interior Complements in Lakeside, has framed her own life around preserving and decorating memories for others. And, like so many business people on the Mountain, many of those customers over the years became friends.

Growing up a tomboy on a farm in Utah, Petersen said she preferred spending time building things with her dad — a meticulous carpenter — rather than “playing and putting fruit in a bowl.”

Tomboy she was, she also loved going hunting with her dad.

Petersen, who had two sisters and three brothers, said they grew up very poor. He earliest childhood career aspirations were centered around being a wife and mother because she knew early on there would be no funds for anything like college.

She met her husband in high school, and when they married she was a homemaker. They farmed and he worked at a granary. They had four children, two boys and two girls. They also had horses and belonged to a riding club where they lived in Utah.

Petersen said they had this one quarterhorse that was really fast, and people in the club encouraged them to race it. They did and her husband rode

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