Phoenix Manufacturer Shelf Theory Designs, Builds, and Installs Custom Pantry and Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

Homeowners in Phoenix looking for better ways to organize their pantries, kitchens, and bathrooms can now look to Shelf Theory for custom built cabinet organizers, pull out cabinet shelving and sliding pantry shelves. Shelf Theory is a woman led business providing homeowners throughout the Phoenix area with custom sliding cabinet shelves and pull out pantry shelves for better organization and easier access, while also dramatically increasing storage capacity.

The pantry is often one of the smallest areas in most homes, requiring better organization and space saving methods for optimal use. Shelf Theory has designed sliding pantry shelves and cabinet organizer solutions that address space and storage problems perfectly. The company’s pull out pantry shelves and slide out cabinet shelves are manufactured at Shelf Theory’s sleek new fabrication plant located in central Phoenix.

Shelf Theory designs, builds, and installs custom slide out shelves for existing and new cabinets. Any kitchen or bathroom remodel should include sliding shelves for each cabinet. Shelf Theory slide-out shelves are designed to be pulled out with no need for bending, reaching, or stooping in search of items toward the rear of the cabinet. Additionally, Shelf Theory also provides custom slide out cabinet shelves and drawers for

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Filmmaker designs and builds off-grid backcountry cabin for $50k

Tired of the work grind and eager to slow down and live a more sustainable lifestyle, a Canadian filmmaker decided to build an off-grid cabin from scratch — without any prior building experience. Fortunately, his friends and family helped him design and build his cozy micro-cabin in the remote Canadian forest for just CA$65,000 (approximately $50,000). Powered with solar energy and engineered to harvest and store 3,000 liters of rainwater, the off-grid abode is now the filmmaker and his girlfriend’s full-time home, where they embrace slow living and share their experiences on Instagram 

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A small cabin in the middle of a snowy forest.

Located atop a cliff in an untamed forest, the Canadian Castaway home took about three years to complete due to lack of road access and the difficulty of bringing building materials to the site. The micro-cabin measures 18 feet by 22 feet and comprises a main floor with a combined living and dining area with a wood-burning stove, a kitchen with a propane two-burner cooktop and 110-volt fridge, and a bathroom with a sink and a bath (the composting toilet is located in a freestanding unit outside). The cabin also has two lofts, one for the bedroom and the

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Al and Co Haus of Design Builds Inspiring Interior Designs for Businesses – Press Release

Interior Designers Sydney | Al and Co Haus of Design

Al and Co Haus of Design, the leading interior designer in Sydney, creates and builds creative interior designs for businesses that set the right atmosphere, vibe, and ambience

Sydney, NSW – January 29, 2021 – With over a decade of experience in the industry, Al and Co Haus of Design, one of the leading interior designers in Sydney, is creating and building interior design that sets the right atmosphere, ambience, and vibe for businesses. They specialise in interior architecture & décor in Sydney, commercial spaces, hospitality, retail & offices, website design, art direction, branding, graphic design, custom / bespoke furniture, and more.


When asked about this, “Being boutique gives us the advantage of ensuring we have the space to be particularly creative without being bogged down with just propelling through projects. As the leading interior designers in Sydney, we are efficient, attentive and extremely passionate about reinventing a business that will thrive from our creative services input. We are confident that our participation in the project will allow the business to a great competitive edge,” replied the spokesperson of Al and Co Haus of Design.

As one of the

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Why Real Estate Is One Asset That Builds Generational Wealth

Andrew Lanoie is a Best Selling Author, Investor, and Podcaster at The Impatient Investor, as well as Co-Founder of Four Peaks Partners.

Cornelius Vanderbilt is often quoted as saying, “Any fool can make a fortune; it takes a man of brains to hold onto it.” His insight — and advice — is something that if followed by him and his heirs would potentially change the outcome of a now-vanished Vanderbilt fortune. It’s possible that the Vanderbilt fortune could have remained alongside that of John D. Rockefeller, whose heirs hold onto an estimated net worth of $11 billion as of 2016.

What was the difference between the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers?

The Vanderbilts squandered their fortune on depleting assets — wealth-diminishing assets with limited life — while Rockefeller parlayed his wealth into productive assets, evidenced by the family trust’s considerable real estate holdings.  

Known for their lavish parties and their free-wheeling spending on everything but productive assets, Vanderbilt’s wealth — estimated at $100 million ($200 billion in today’s dollars) at his death — was gone in 50 years. Vanderbilt had built generational wealth through his business holdings, but he didn’t take the necessary measures to ensure the lasting legacy of

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