Commercial Mortgages: Lenders of some commercial real estate loans look for better times in 2021 | Business News

Like Led Zeppelin’s classic hit “Good Times Bad Times,” lenders and real estate owners experienced the ups and downs of 2020 in a variety of ways.

Along with owners of hotels and mall owners, conduit lenders were clearly on the bad times side of that riff.

Conduits make a business of originating loans, packaging them together and selling them as commercial mortgage-backed securities.

Like many industries, that business came to a screeching halt in March, but, unlike other real estate lenders, conduits never really rebounded for much of the year. In fact, volume for commercial mortgage-backed securities in 2020 was down some 43{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} from 2019.

The primary reason is commercial real estate didn’t change hands as rapidly in 2020 as in 2019. Investment sales of commercial real estate in the U.S. dropped 32{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} when compared to 2019, according to Real Capital Analytics, a New York-based commercial real estate data firm.

The other reason is hotel and retail properties are a tough sell for any lender. Loans backed by hotels make up 10.24{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} of all CMBS loans outstanding, while retail properties currently make up 14.46{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c}, according to analytics firm Trepp LLC.

Even though 2020 was a bad year for loan volume

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UAB School of Business Current News – Collat School of Business

The Collat School of Business has launched new opportunities for business students to excel in real estate.

Beginning this semester, students across all business majors interested in real estate can serve their community, advance their real estate education, network with working professionals and be eligible for a real estate scholarship.

Students who like to learn through experience and give back to their community will be interested in the HomeFirst service-learning initiative. Supported by the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), HomeFirst enables students to provide virtual counseling to homebuyers across rural Alabama.

The program teaches students how to provide financial coaching, individualized support and program referrals to low-income individuals and families seeking first-time homeownership. They gain real-world real estate experience while creating tangible change in their communities.

Students gain real estate knowledge in several Collat courses that also give them a leg up on the Alabama Real Estate Licensing Exam.

UAB students enrolled in real estate classes can now bypass the need for extracurricular education needed for exam eligibility, enabling them to get their license faster. Eligibility requirements are met by taking two courses: FN 370 Principles of Real Estate and an additional real estate course of the student’s choosing.

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Promoting an Interior Design Practice | Small Business

Some do-it-yourselfers believe hiring an interior design expert is an unaffordable luxury, but you can expand your client base and help customers with limited budgets. Affordable consulting services include selecting paint and wallpaper to complement a lifestyle, choosing accent pieces to integrate with existing furniture or designing window treatments. Also consider partnering with furniture stores and other businesses offering related services and products to keep your overhead down while tapping a built-in clientele with larger budgets.


Many businesses can benefit from having a consulting interior designer to send their clients to. Contact furniture stores, paint and wallpaper shops, home builders, plumbing contractors, window treatment stores and other businesses to discuss the benefits of offering your services to customers as part of a special promotion or to help those businesses sell high-end products. Place your marketing materials at spas, upscale restaurants, real estate companies, resorts and other businesses that serve wealthy clientele. Make sure your business cards and brochures reflect your design expertise.

Word of Mouth

As you start to build a client base, offer your clients rebates for repeat business and special discounts for referring their friends and family. Clearly mark your vehicle so neighbors notice you working in

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How to Find Ways to Market an Interior Design Business | Small Business

The way a home or business looks affects how the people who spend time in it feel, so interior designers can find clients among homeowners and business owners. Although most can benefit from interior design, however, not everyone is willing to pay the price for a quality interior designer. To find clients, you need to market your business in a way that will help you attract not only those who could use interior designing but also those who see it as a worthwhile investment.

Ask other interior designers and business experts to help you strategize. Interior designers with successful businesses and business consultants or mentors have been through the process of finding unique marketing ideas before, so they are in a position to help. Business mentors can help you think about what markets you really want to pitch your services in and focus on those markets. Schedule an appointment with a successful interior designer or business mentor. Ask the potential mentor questions about her business, business philosophy and experience to determine if she will be a good fit. Do not hesitate to interview several prospective mentors, and choose a mentor who is successful, has experience in finding ways to market

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Why Integrity Is Essential In The Real Estate Business (And Everywhere Else)

In real estate, the facts are the facts. As the country watched the drama unfold over the past week, first at the Capitol Building and now, perhaps, at state capitals all over the country, legislators on both sides of the aisle (and members of the press) made claims about the truth or falsehood of their perspective, while vilifying that of their opponents. In our business, we cannot do that.

As real estate agents licensed by the New York Department of State, we need to know the difference between the truth and a lie. The laws about steering and the issues surrounding Fair Housing aren’t fundamentally fungible. When real estate agents make decisions about which neighborhoods to promote based on skin color, or religion, or sexual identification, that’s against the law. It’s wrong. There are not “good people on both sides.”

Similarly, the Department of State monitors real estate agents to determine that the ads we place accurately describe the property we are listing. We cannot describe the one bedroom we are listing as

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The No. 1 Skill To Master To Grow Your Real Estate Business

Vice President and partner of Garrett Realty Partners, Collin has conquered real estate in just 13 years as a realtor, trainer, mentor. 

In the real estate business, you have plenty to learn and master on your way to establishing and growing your career and your business — while at the same time trying your hardest not to be one of the many businesses that eventually fizzle out. There’s no shortage of so-called gurus and coaches who sell programs or charge for their time with the promise that their knowledge, coaching or motivational talks will help you master all the things you need to do to have a fantastic career in real estate. While this can work for some, most will bounce around and pay for these programs and courses without fully putting into action what the coach educates you to do. In the end, you may have wasted money and time that could have been better spent on the one critical skill you must learn to master to grow your business and sustain it: problem-solving.

Simply put, problem-solving is involved in every aspect of the real estate career. Whether you are solving a client’s emotional or transactional problems, the

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New real estate agency opens doors in Petoskey | Business

PETOSKEY — Having long enjoyed his work in Northern Michigan’s real estate marketplace, Joe Blachy recently decided to open his own agency in the field.

Blachy is the owner and managing broker of Petoskey Real Estate Group, which opened in late 2020 and is based at 316 E. Mitchell St., suite 5 in downtown Petoskey. The new office’s sales team also includes Doug Pelon, a Realtor who Blachy has worked with for more than six years.

Petoskey Real Estate Group offers residential as well as commercial brokerage services. Blachy said he anticipates the new agency’s approach to client service will help it establish a footing in the marketplace, adding it will put priority on listening to clients’ needs, being accessible for their questions and helping them make informed decisions.

“We take care of our customers,” he said. “I think it’s really important.”

Prior to Petoskey Real Estate Group’s opening, Blachy spent 20 years as a Realtor at another Petoskey agency. He noted receiving a variety of distinctions through the years, including rookie-of-the-year recognition, consistently high rankings for sales produced and a recent designation by the Zillow online real estate marketplace as a “Best of Zillow” broker.

A Petoskey resident for

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An Enriching Union for Your Business

If you own an interior design company, the biggest challenge you face is to keep up with clients’ sky-high expectations.

“We love your ideas but we are not sure how this will look!”

How many times have you lost a client because of this argument? But now not anymore. Because augmented reality is here to exceed clients’ expectations and boost your business.

Augmented reality interior design apps are popular among users. The 3D images are really good to help them visualize any interior design. Also, studies say that 17{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} of consumers in the US will use AR for shopping by 2022.

Therefore, we think it’s time to provide you with detailed information on implementing augmented reality solutions for interior design.

Let’s begin!

This Augmented Reality interior design guide covers the following topics:

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a thrilling way to see and interact with information about the world.

The word AR is hardly unheard of. But just for the sake of it, here’s the most common definition of augmented reality – AR is an enhanced version of reality created by using technology. By placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time, it turns the environment

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Marathon interior designer honored by Viking | Business

Viking Range LLC, a leader in residential kitchen technology, has named Destin Barkley as the 2020 Designer of the Year. Barkley is the senior interior designer of D’Asign Source in Marathon and was also named as the Viking first quarterly winner in the 2020 Viking Kitchen Design Competition. Designers from around the United States vied for the honor to become the 2020 Viking Designer of the Year.

Barkley was recognized for her work on a kitchen project during an extensive remodel of the home on Bella Mare Key, a private island off of Marathon.

“Our clients sought a kitchen they could easily entertain in while enjoying their tropical surroundings,” Barkley said. “So, we designed an open-concept kitchen and dining space to take advantage of the expansive ocean views while providing plenty of space for family and friends to participate.”

Custom details were incorporated to reflect the homeowners’ personalities and history. A pizza wood storage enclosure was created from their original dock that was destroyed in Hurricane Irma, while the posts flanking the oven were fashioned out of broken speargun spears. A 300-year-old reclaimed door from Italy serves as the pantry entrance.

Ample seating pulls up to an 18-inch island topped

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5 Creative Ways to Expand Your Design Business in 2021

In response to the economic downturn, some interior designers have reevaluated their design services and considered alternate revenue streams. AD PRO consulted with several who have expanded their offerings beyond traditional interior design services; some made these professional pivots even before the pandemic struck, and others as a result of it. Here, they share their experiences and provide insights for others who might be contemplating secondary money-making means.

Sell real estate

“Creating multiple streams of income is becoming almost trendy, and it’s an intelligent approach to adding to the success of any business,” says Kelly Collier, founder of Plot Twist Design and a licensed real estate agent since 2009. She says she has taken a break from real estate several times, most recently to launch her design studio at the beginning of 2019. By December of that year, she added real estate services to her design business.

“Real estate makes perfect sense for someone who is equally passionate about it as they are about design,” says Collier, who recently helped an investor friend with renovating a property to flip. “I assisted their construction team in selecting flooring, kitchen and bath tile, and other finishes. Once the work was completed last

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