Al and Co Haus of Design Builds Inspiring Interior Designs for Businesses – Press Release

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Al and Co Haus of Design, the leading interior designer in Sydney, creates and builds creative interior designs for businesses that set the right atmosphere, vibe, and ambience

Sydney, NSW – January 29, 2021 – With over a decade of experience in the industry, Al and Co Haus of Design, one of the leading interior designers in Sydney, is creating and building interior design that sets the right atmosphere, ambience, and vibe for businesses. They specialise in interior architecture & décor in Sydney, commercial spaces, hospitality, retail & offices, website design, art direction, branding, graphic design, custom / bespoke furniture, and more.


When asked about this, “Being boutique gives us the advantage of ensuring we have the space to be particularly creative without being bogged down with just propelling through projects. As the leading interior designers in Sydney, we are efficient, attentive and extremely passionate about reinventing a business that will thrive from our creative services input. We are confident that our participation in the project will allow the business to a great competitive edge,” replied the spokesperson of Al and Co Haus of Design.

As one of the

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Home decor company donating 200 propane patio heaters to small businesses in Richmond | Business News

“We have some great restaurants here but they have had some difficulty navigating the sort of headwinds that have happened with the pandemic and economic downturn,” Stoney said. More than 50 restaurants in the Richmond region have closed permanently because of the pandemic.

“While some have found their footing these last couple of months, there are still some here that are needing help,” the mayor said. “This [donation] is just another partnership that we bring to bare here with Evergreen Enterprises that helps keep these businesses on their feet so they can navigate these winter months.”

Evergreen Enterprises is trying to get the patio heaters to the city as soon as possible, said John Toler, the company’s CEO.

“There is a lot of inbound container traffic right now because the supply chains all have been disrupted,” Toler said, noting that he thinks the city should be able to receive the heaters toward month’s end.

“This is a great opportunity for the city. These are high demand products. They are hard to get,” Toler said. “So this opportunity presented itself and Ting [Xu] jumped on it not only for us as a retail operation but also to donate to the city.”

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