Ty Pennington Designs a Whole New Kind of Kitchen That Takes the Cake

Ty Pennington has designed many a chef’s kitchen, but in the latest episode of “Ty Breaker,” he tackles a whole new beast: a baker’s kitchen.

In the episode titled “A Baker’s Perfect Kitchen,” Pennington and guest designer Sabrina Soto (of “The High Low Project”) meet Elva and Dan Caballero, who’ve recently sold their bakery and bought a $230,000 house in Atlanta near their daughter and grandkids. They are left with only a $50,000 budget to renovate.

Yet Pennington and Soto are used to stretching reno budgets to the max. Here’s how they redo the home into a baker’s paradise, which might inspire a few upgrades around your own abode, too.

Black window frames add an elegant look

These black window frames give dimension to the living room.


When Elva and Dan first show Pennington their house, they point out that they love the big windows that let in lots of light. So Soto wants to turn the living room windows into a focal point by painting the frames black.

“People are scared to paint it black,” Soto tells Pennington, “but then once you have it on, you realize it actually looks pretty classic.”

When the work is done,

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