Cane is here to stay

a basket filled with furniture and a fireplace

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Cane furniture always reminds me of beach resorts, granny’s backyard and carefree boho style.

The lightweight eco-friendly material adds a subtle element of nature to a room and a laid back vibe to your patio.

Made from the outer bark of the rattan plant, cane might appear flimsy but it is actually extremely durable.

Because it’s low-maintenance and weather resistant, it’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular choice for both outdoor and indoor furniture.

The flexibility of the material allows it to be worked in various designs, from large ornate pieces like headboards and cabinets units to smaller items like planters and side tables.

With the decor spotlight firmly on cane right now, you can find it in one form or the other at most interior decor stores, but the best places to search for original retro designs are second-hand stores.

You’re more likely to get them at a much better price as well.

Whether you invest in an entire patio suite or a casual chair, you can’t go wrong with adding just one cane item to your home.

Here are a few ways

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