Choosing a kitchen island: 5 expert design tips

Choosing a kitchen island is arguably the most important part of the design journey: after all, it will dominate your new kitchen and probably be where most of the cooking and entertaining takes place. 

a room filled with furniture and a fireplace: How to choose a kitchen island

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How to choose a kitchen island

An island is an eye-catching, versatile addition to any kitchen, but we can often find it difficult to know how to incorporate one into our kitchen layout and to choose from the different options available. 

However, these expert tips are designed to help you make the right choice of kitchen island. If you want more pictures – having read the advice – go to our kitchen island ideas feature which will help you to finalize that all-important decision.

Choosing a kitchen island: expert advice

Head of Retail & Commercial Design at Life Kitchens, Graeme Smith shares his top tips to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen island.

1. Ensure the layout is right

‘Adding an island to a kitchen is a great way to increase food preparation areas and storage options. However, when looking to incorporate an island to a layout, it is essential to consider the available circulation space. 

‘The desired amount

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Called “a failure” for choosing art, now exterior and interior design expert, says local artist Blue | The New Times

At 24 years of age, Bruce Sakindi Tuyishime, also known as “Blue” is enjoying the fruits of his hard work through art.


Blue is a designer by profession with a background in fine art. He mastered his artistic skills from Nyundo School of Art and Music last year, he completed his studies at University of Rwanda in Creative Design.


According to him, every child is an artist because the primary language they speak at a young age is drawing, that is, colours and lines but as they grow up, society uses different means to forge different personalities out of their original shape.


“Growing up and keeping up with drawing is a journey of surviving. I remember in my primary school, I wasn’t good at math and it was normal because our minds are strong in different fields. However, my field wasn’t welcomed by people around me,” he said.

He added that there was a saying back in school that “dull students are sharp at drawing”, and he recalls being scoffed, trashed and insulted because of doing

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Whether it’s calming neutrals or more colorful, people are choosing what makes them feel happy for home decor

By Dorothy de Souza Guedes, correspondent

Have a favorite color for home decor? Don’t worry if it’s trending for 2021: chances are it’s on somebody’s Color of the Year List.

The manufacturers’ colors of 2021 are all over the place, from the surprise of Pantone’s shocking lemony yellow Illuminating and cool Ultimate Gray combination to Valspar’s feminine Dusty Lavender, one of 12 colors on its “fresh and familiar” 2021 palette.

Area interior designers say any color goes, so choose what makes you feel good in your home. People desire a space that reflects their personality, particularly now that they’re spending more time at home. Some people thrive on color while others want the calming neutrals of a sanctuary space, said Mark Roberts, interior designer with Larry Roberts Interiors in Cedar Rapids.

Jan Finlayson, interior designer and owner of Luxe Interiors in Iowa City, said her clients go with colors they like.

“I think everybody wants to feel like they’re up-to-date. Trends are just that: trends. Sometimes they last 30 seconds, sometimes 30 years,” she said.

People see color differently, and it affects the way they feel. “You’ve got to use what makes you feel good,” said Finlayson.

Lori Wiles agrees.

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