Pandemic Amplifies Desire for Cleaning, Drying, and Convenience in the Kitchen, Study Finds

  • A new Bosch and Reckitt Benckiser dishwasher study conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic found increased demand for cleaning, drying, capacity and convenience
  • The study also found that a thoroughly clean home is now expected, especially in the kitchen, with consumers cleaning more and 65{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} taking extra steps to ensure a hygienic clean
  • Bosch meets demand with award-winning Bosch dishwasher portfolio as well as new ADA compliant models and offers four tips for efficient dishwasher use

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bosch home appliances, the award-winning market leader in dishwashers for over a decade, today announced the expansion of its dishwasher portfolio alongside new research in partnership with Reckitt Benckiser conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amplified by more cooking, experimenting and time in the kitchen, followed by months of rigorous dishwasher use, the study found increased demand for cleaning, drying, capacity and convenience in this category as Americans seek a deeper, more hygienic clean throughout the home and kitchen.

Always keeping consumer needs at the heart of its innovations, the 2021 Bosch dishwasher line aims to revitalize consumer confidence in the kitchen and simplify cleanup with its innovative drying technologies, intuitive connected solutions and quality performance features

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Interior designer Gail Dunnett offers decluttering tips for new year’s cleaning

The beginning of a new year is a popular time to clean out the house, especially after so much of this year has been spent at home. But where do you start?

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We turned to expert interior designer and stager Gail Dunnett’s to give us the scoop on how to quickly and efficiently declutter your home just in time to ring in 2021.

“I, too, hate to get rid of things, but it is therapeutic to do so and cleans the slate to set the stage for the new year,” said Dunnett, who also serves as principal of San Francisco’s studio D.

The rooms Dunnett decorates need to be fluid and uncluttered, which makes her an expert when it comes to getting rid of anything superfluous or unnecessary. Here are the top items she suggests tossing before New Year’s:

•Old towels-Towels that have outlived their usefulness are unsanitary and can make your bathroom look unkempt.

•Mismatched socks-Socks have a way of disappearing. Wearing mismatched socks is fine around the house, but it can get annoying. Chuck socks that have lost their mate and can’t be easily matched with another.

•Expired sunscreen-Sunscreen that’s past its

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DIY Tips and Tricks: Must try these home decor, cleaning ideas for Christmas, New Year and holiday season

With Christmas and New Year celebrations just round the corner, Home décor for this holiday season becomes a key activity at home. But with the ongoing Corona Pandemic, Keeping Your Home clean has also become a necessity. With winter setting in, the dust and pollution will be increasing making the task of home cleaning even more important.

Below are some tips and guide for home decor and home cleaning for this holiday season by Siddhesh Varde Borkar, Country Business Leader managing the Consumer Business in 3M India:-

Home Décor

In the current times, it has become important to create a positive and calming atmosphere at home. people are spending most of their daily life indoors which can make them feel overwhelmed and distraught. Home décor needs to be redesigned to make your home feel like your personal sanctuary, your comfort zone. Also with the Christmas and New year holiday season just round the corner, Home décor becomes even more important. Make Your Home a Vibrant & Happy Place with positive Vibes with the help of below DIY décoration projects.

You can Start Christmas Decoration with the entrance Door. Hang a beautiful and Vibrant Christmas wreath on your entrance door. You

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Go Clean Co Cleaning Tips From The Company That’s All Over Instagram

Sarah McAllister, founder of Calgary's Co Clean co

“My level of clean is a little bit… different,” says Sarah McAllister, laughing into the phone. That is to say it’s spotless, thorough and—as the Go Clean Co founder’s 1.5 million Instagram followers would attest—totally enthralling.

Though McAllister’s Calgary-based residential cleaning business is only two years old, she’s quickly amassed an online #cleaningarmy of fans that spans Canada and the U.S. Much of that growth came when we all suddenly found ourselves locked down at home with little to do and a newfound appreciation for bleach. McAllister’s deep-cleaning tutorials and tips offer a way to keep busy (or, at the very least, soothed by the seeming ease with which she can transform the crustiest sink or grungiest floor).

Best of all, her hacks actually work, as proven by her followers who regularly share their own transformations. And you don’t need pricey professional supplies—so, if your local store is sold out of powdered Tide, you can blame McAllister (more on that in a second).

With a long winter ahead, we asked McAllister for her very best cleaning tips (spoiler alert: I tried them out and I’m completely hooked.) From how to tackle the (surprising) filthiest spot in most homes to her

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