How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Other kitchen remodeling costs

In addition to all the costs above, you’ll also have professional installation fees (around $3,900 or 17{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} of the budget, on average) and design expenses (about 4{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} of the average budget or $920). If you’re doing any work to the doors or windows, that usually comes in around $920.

Your fees are also going to vary depending on your property’s location and local market prices. According to HomeAdvisor, kitchen remodels cost the most in the following cities:

  1. San Jose, California.
  2. Los Angeles, California.
  3. San Francisco, California.
  4. San Diego, California.
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ways to cut costs on your kitchen remodel project

Choosing low-cost, high-ROI projects and materials is the best way to make the most of your kitchen remodeling budget. But there are other ways, too.

On the cabinets, you can opt to simply repaint rather than refinish or replace them. A nice coat of white or gray is a good on-trend choice. Adding updated hardware can also give the cabinetry a fresh new look for a low price.

Here are a few other ways you can save on cash:

  • Consider a stick-on tile backsplash: These cost a lot less than traditional tile options, and they’re
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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen? A Price Guide

This past year, most of us have spent far too much time at home. You’re buried in the day-to-day activities of working from home, attending virtual meetings, managing child care, and doing house chores.

Being home all the time gives you the chance to see the aspects of your home you don’t like. You’ve probably tackled a few home improvement projects already.

Then there’s the kitchen. It was fine for a quick meal, but you’ve become intimate with its shortcomings as you’ve spent the better part of a year in it.

How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen? Check out this guide on the costs of a kitchen remodel before you start planning.

Why Remodel?

There are many reasons people decide to remodel their kitchen. For some people, it’s all about function. They buy a house with an acceptable kitchen and through the years grow weary of its flaws.

There’s not enough counter space, the cabinets are too shallow, the refrigerator sits in an odd location. If you’ve spent the last year cooking more elaborate meals for you and your family, you know how frustrating it is to work in a poorly designed kitchen.

People also remodel

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How much does an outdoor kitchen cost? We explain the costs of cooking outdoors

The way we use our homes is changing and thanks to the pandemic, making the most out of our gardens is top of most people’s list of projects to tackle this year. 

a chair sitting in front of a brick building: outdoor-kitchen-Paul-Raeside

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One of the ways in which you can transform your outdoor space is to ramp up your barbecuing abilities by creating a new alfresco kitchen. But really, how much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

  • See more: Kitchen ideas – take inspiration from these beautiful spaces for your outdoor kitchen

Good planning is key to ensuring you don’t fall foul of any overspends. Knowing exactly what you require and setting a realistic budget to achieve it will ensure you can create your perfect space without having to deal with spiralling costs along the way.

‘There have been huge developments in the design and durability of outdoor kitchens in recent years,’ says Simon Hawkins, Managing Director of The Outdoor Kitchen Collective

‘There is something to suit every style, house and budget. These kitchens are not only stylish, but they also make all-year-round outside dining a real possibility,’ he adds.

So whether you’re planning to build a permanent pizza oven in a corner

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Crafting a new kitchen: Pro tips for design and cost cutting

The huge slab of black stone seemed to have magical properties — like something out of a Harry Potter novel. It was something much more than just a counter for my new kitchen.

Turquoise and white veins glowed when it was lit from behind. A magnet clung to small bits of ore imbedded within. And my wife and I were astounded when the store manager showed us interruptions in the veins caused by an ancient earthquake that split the stone and reforged it under enormous pressure. We realized that this stone wouldn’t simply be a highlight in our kitchen — it was also a geologic time capsule.

Designing a new kitchen is not a simple project. It’s fraught with hand-wringing and hard decisions. The process is stressful, expensive and full of second-guessing. But the end result can transform your house. The payoff can be a lifetime of joy and the addition of significant value to your home.   

A new kitchen is one of the most common home-renovation projects. And it should be. It’s the heart of your house. It’s where family and friends congregate and linger over food and conversation.

A kitchen remodel is also one of the most reliable

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