6 costs homeowners overlook in a remodel

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home this year, you’re not alone. As many shifted to working from home in the pandemic, quite a few homeowners decided that they want to make some changes, too, from bathroom and kitchen renovations to outdoor upgrades.

a room with a sink and a window: A newly renovated bathroom in a home in Tacoma, Washington

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A newly renovated bathroom in a home in Tacoma, Washington

Whatever project you have in mind, the cost of a remodel isn’t limited to the materials you’ll need or the contractors you’ll hire. As you look ahead to cooking in that new kitchen or turning that spare bedroom into an office, be sure to budget for these often-overlooked expenses.


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6 hidden costs of home remodeling

1. Securing permits

Many remodeling projects require a permit, which costs approximately $1,220, but can range from roughly $440 to $2,000, according to Angie Hicks, co-founder of Angie’s List.

“Most renovations call for permits, especially if you’re updating electrical or plumbing,” Hicks says. “In big cities, permits can cost up to $7,500, while in small towns they may be as low as $100.”

2. Installing appliances

You can’t just buy that new refrigerator – you also have to get it up and running, which costs money.

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How much does an outdoor kitchen cost? We explain the costs of cooking outdoors

The way we use our homes is changing and thanks to the pandemic, making the most out of our gardens is top of most people’s list of projects to tackle this year. 

a chair sitting in front of a brick building: outdoor-kitchen-Paul-Raeside

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One of the ways in which you can transform your outdoor space is to ramp up your barbecuing abilities by creating a new alfresco kitchen. But really, how much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

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Good planning is key to ensuring you don’t fall foul of any overspends. Knowing exactly what you require and setting a realistic budget to achieve it will ensure you can create your perfect space without having to deal with spiralling costs along the way.

‘There have been huge developments in the design and durability of outdoor kitchens in recent years,’ says Simon Hawkins, Managing Director of The Outdoor Kitchen Collective

‘There is something to suit every style, house and budget. These kitchens are not only stylish, but they also make all-year-round outside dining a real possibility,’ he adds.

So whether you’re planning to build a permanent pizza oven in a corner

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