Trailer designs to transform your next outdoor adventure into a comfortable and cozy one!

I know, I know… traveling seems like a far-off concept at the moment, but hey what’s the harm in daydreaming or planning a little? As much as I love jet setting across the globe on flights, touring around in a camper or a trailer also holds a special place in my heart. There’s nothing more comforting or exciting than lounging about in a cozy camper while you explore the countryside. You never feel out of place, because these little trailers manage to feel like a home on wheels! Fill it up with your dear belongings, and it’s your home away from home. Not to mention the trailer designs today are super innovative and inventive! These resourceful campers manage to cater to almost all of our needs, solving various problems, and turning our camping experience into a fulfilling and comfortable one.

Bradbuilds is a Los Angeles-based concept artist who reimagines many automotive designs with a crazy twist. Apart from the BMW M4 camper, his other viral works include a Tesla roadster safari as well. BMW is associated with luxury, not with adventure but this concept really turns the brand image on its head to give us a sporty yet sleek coupe

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20 cozy and comfortable window nook designs

Open floor plans have made working and schooling from home these past 10 months a little bit tricky. Families are adding desks to living rooms, turning dining rooms into study spaces, and building walls in attic offices. They’ve also taken advantage of ready-made places like window seats that perhaps didn’t see much action before.

Mitchell Parker, senior editor at Houzz, says: “Window seats have always been a popular feature among our community. Over the past year, we have seen the trend of remote work having an impact on home design, with homeowners doubling down on creating efficient dedicated offices, work nooks, and backyard cottages. For many, a compact and efficient work nook provides all the function needed for working on a laptop, participating in video meetings, and managing the household.”

Retailer Alison Barnard O’Brien, whose home has a whopping seven window seats, says uses include a home for stuffed animals, an extra shelf for jeans, and a platform for superhero flying.  In the afternoon, her husband works at the window seat in the dining room, and she uses the window seat in their bedroom for Zoom calls and decompressing. “There is something soothing about sitting in a window

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These Amazon Cozy Winter Decor Hidden Gems Are Under $30

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There are almost endless ways to spruce up your house for winter, including these under-$30 home decor finds and winter decorations. Amazon shoppers love these little additions — snuggly blankets, romantic twinkling lights, fuzzy pillows, and fragrant woodsy candles. These hygge-ready finds from the retailer’s home department are all Prime-eligible, come with rave reviews from Amazon shoppers, and (the most impressive part) they start at just $8. 

Adding a little ambience — akin to a warm and charming fireplace — is as simple as incorporating a few new lights, like Comenzar’s flickering faux-birch candles. The battery-powered, flameless candles give off a golden glow and are “stunning,” according to reviewers. Shoppers also rave about Brightown’s dimmable curtain of lights, which beautifully drapes to brighten without overpowering. They’ve earned over 3,500 five-star ratings and can also be used outdoors during the warmer months to jazz up your backyard.

One of Amazon’s least expensive pieces, Meekio “Let’s Cuddle” pillow cover, also happens to be one of the most fun. Its neutral colors ensure it will fit

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Quilt artists create textiles to admire or cozy up with Trend decor decor Textiles home

In this winter of hunkering down at home there’s a trend that’s just right for the times: quilts as decor and as art.

An artistic quilt might be displayed prominently on a wall thrown over a couch, or just folded and hung from the rungs of a ladder. (Or you could cozy up with it.)

“Quilts bring warmth, depth and texture to any room,” says Suzy Williams, a quilter and graphic designer in Oak Park, Illinois. She offers tutorials and patterns for quilt making on her website, Suzy Quilts.

“Step back to the far edges of a room and see a quilt’s geometric design and color patterns as a whole composition. Or stand inches away and observe the luxurious combinations of fabric, stitching, batting density and glorious handmade variation,” she says.

Contemporary artists have added new twists to the age-old craft.

“Designers are modernizing and refreshing the aesthetic,” says Laura Preston, founder and designer at Vacilando Quilting Co. in Austin, Texas. Since she introduced wall quilts in 2018, she says, they have become the company’s best sellers.

“Hanging a quilt on the wall or incorporating quilted items into your home is a tactile alternative to traditional decor that can provide

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Gardening: Gather firewood for cozy fires

With the holidays behind us, it’s time to settle into the winter curled up with our garden catalogs in front of a warm fire. Whether it’s a gas, pellet or good old-fashioned wood fire, there is something cozy and satisfying about the warmth and the glow.

For some of us, it’s important to keep our wood stoves and fireplaces. My husband and I live at the end of the Avista line in Painted Hills. Over the years, we have been thankful we had the wood fireplace when a winter storm hits, and we are out of power for a week or more. It also means we need to burn responsibly to minimize the smoke we generate in the process.

A good fire starts with good wood. Different kinds of wood generate differing amounts of heat. In this region, locust, red or Douglas fir and tamarack generate the most heat which is measured in British thermal units or BTUs. Locust is rated at 27.9, fir at 20.7 and tamarack comes in at 21. Ponderosa pine is another common firewood here, but it comes in at low 16.2.

To burn cleanly, wood must be dry. Freshly-cut wood or green wood can take

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Thom Filicia gives tips on how to cozy up your home now that holiday decor is down

The holiday decorations have been taken down and now your home might be looking a little blah.

Interior design expert Thom Filicia has ways we can cozy up our spaces by keeping things simple. He says make a move with items you already have at home.

“Really sort of play with the things you have,” said Filicia. “Move them around, play with them, reinspire them, be reinspired by the existing pieces. It’s a really wonderful way to sort of exercise decorating, really sort of having fun with the things you have and being able to see them in a new perspective, in a new light.”

It’s also a great way to freshen things up without spending more money.

If you are fortunate to have some decorating money in the budget, Filicia says to focus on your anchor pieces to build around, like the bed in the bedroom or even the living room rug.

“It’s the piece that you love, the piece that inspires the rest of the room,” said Filicia. “It might be that pop of color. It could be that comfortable sofa you’ve always wanted. It could be the dining table, the light fixture over the dining table. It

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