18 fantastic ways to create an outdoor space that has something for everyone

Our family garden ideas are exactly what you need if you’d like to spend more time with your loved ones outdoors. With a bit of inspiration and creativity, you can easily transform your plot into a place that will tempt your youngest to your oldest out to enjoy the fresh air. 

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Whether it’s garden activities for kids to keep them occupied or a chic seating area to enjoy family meals alfresco, the best family gardens have it all, without sacrificing style.

Paul Schaffer, Managing Director of Plum Play who create fabulous play equipment for gardens, comments on the importance of an outdoor space for all the family. Even in winter, he says, there’s nothing better than sticking on the wellies and enjoying the outdoors. The garden is a fantastic space for everyone to get outside and spend quality time together, away from screens. And, now that many places are closed, the garden becomes even more of an important refuge. It also enables children to express themselves and inspire their imaginations, all in a safe way, Paul adds.

Of course, play equipment can be enjoyed by all, but for some, other garden features are equally

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25 ways to create stunning house plant displays

Indoor plant ideas can help lower stress levels, replenish the air and make your home look gorgeous. What’s more, indoor plants offer an excuse to have fun and get hands-on creative too. 

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Surrounding ourselves with indoor garden ideas, and the act of caring for plants, also helps us get back in touch with nature. And, as the Botanical Boys say, ‘Connection to the natural world is more crucial than ever. In a fast-paced fragile world we live in today, we need to just slow down sometimes and observe nature – it’s the one thing that keeps us alive.’

‘It is incredibly important that each and every one of us finds the time to connect to nature in some way and by doing so also positively impacts our own wellbeing,’ they add.

It’s easy to enjoy all the benefits of plants indoors. However big or small your home, there’s definitely room for a leafy beauty or two  – from tiny bonsais to stately palms and figs they can pep up a mantlepiece, filter light coming through a window or even help divide an open-plan living space. They can add contrast and texture to the

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This Design Studio Helps Divorced Dads Create Fresh Spaces

In the third season of Breaking Bad, Walter White uses a mountain of crystal meth money to buy a furnished model condo. Despite the horror and soul erosion that led to that real estate sale, the well-designed apartment, with its big square chairs and smartly appointed decorations, is a scenario recently divorced dads might view with envy. Divorced men aren’t largely known for their interior design skills. 

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A divorce can feel like a death by a thousand cuts. Your finances and worth as a father and husband are put under a microscope. You face an unfamiliar future. And as you look at those difficult big picture life questions, you need to attend to nagging, thumbnail sketch concerns as well. You have to buy silverware, furniture, pots and pans, pizza slicers, water glasses, shower mats and everything else that makes a space livable. Coming home to a futon and bare walls weighs heavily on the soul soon after a marriage. You don’t want a forever home, necessarily. But you and the kids need a place to sleep. 

With her newly launched firm Stripe Street Studio, Tulsa Oklahoma-based entrepreneur and interior designer Stacey Herman aims to

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JustKitchen is using cloud kitchens to create the next generation of restaurant franchising

JustKitchen operates cloud kitchens, but the company goes beyond providing cooking facilities for delivery meals. Instead, it sees food as a content play, with recipes and branding instead of music or shows as the content, and wants to create the next iteration of food franchises. JustKitchen currently operates its “hub and spoke” model in Taiwan, with plans to expand four other Asian markets, including Hong Kong and Singapore, and the United States this year.

Launched last year, JustKitchen currently offers 14 brands in Taiwan, including Smith & Wollensky and TGI Fridays. Ingredients are first prepped in a “hub” kitchen, before being sent to smaller “spokes” for final assembly and pickup by delivery partners, including Uber Eats and FoodPanda. To reduce operational costs, spokes are spread throughout cities for quicker deliveries and the brands each prepares is based on what is ordered most frequently in the area.

In addition to licensing deals, JustKitchen also develops its own brands and performs research and development for its partners. To enable that, chief operating officer Kenneth Wu told TechCrunch that JustKitchen is moving to a more decentralized model, which means its hub kitchens will be used primarily for R&D, and production at some

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Quilt artists create textiles to admire or cozy up with Trend decor decor Textiles home

In this winter of hunkering down at home there’s a trend that’s just right for the times: quilts as decor and as art.

An artistic quilt might be displayed prominently on a wall thrown over a couch, or just folded and hung from the rungs of a ladder. (Or you could cozy up with it.)

“Quilts bring warmth, depth and texture to any room,” says Suzy Williams, a quilter and graphic designer in Oak Park, Illinois. She offers tutorials and patterns for quilt making on her website, Suzy Quilts.

“Step back to the far edges of a room and see a quilt’s geometric design and color patterns as a whole composition. Or stand inches away and observe the luxurious combinations of fabric, stitching, batting density and glorious handmade variation,” she says.

Contemporary artists have added new twists to the age-old craft.

“Designers are modernizing and refreshing the aesthetic,” says Laura Preston, founder and designer at Vacilando Quilting Co. in Austin, Texas. Since she introduced wall quilts in 2018, she says, they have become the company’s best sellers.

“Hanging a quilt on the wall or incorporating quilted items into your home is a tactile alternative to traditional decor that can provide

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