‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Home Improvement’ crossover leaves fans wanting reboot

On Thursday night’s episode of “Last Man Standing,” actor Tim Allen reprised his role of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from his former show “Home Improvement.”

In the crossover event, Taylor wants to meet Allen’s current character, Mike Baxter, because he heard they looked so much alike. 

At one point, Mike tells Tim, “You might want to think of rebooting that ‘Tool Time’,” which sent fans into a frenzy on social media. 

“Did this episode of @LastManStanding just tease a reboot of tool time?” asked one fan


“Yes, Yes YES Reboot Tool Time,” begged another.

“Please tell me Tool Time is coming back. Sounded like a hint to me..?” questioned a user

The blast from the past made some fans feel nostalgic about the beloved show that ran from 1991 to 1999 on ABC. 


“Tonight’s episode of #LastManStanding hit me in the feels. It also made me realize how much I truly miss #HomeImprovement. #ToolTime,” said one person. 

“Seeing Mike Baxter and Tim “Tool Time” Taylor together is bringing

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‘Home Improvement’ reboot? ‘Last Man Standing’ crossover stirs tons of speculation

Tim Allen reprised his Home Improvement character, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, during Thursday night’s Last Man Standing. Fans of both series celebrated the crossover, which also hinted at a potential reboot.

The premise of the episode was that Tim wanted to meet Mike Baxter, Allen’s other character, because he heard they look so much alike. Tim helped Mike with a broken garbage disposal, and of course hilarity ensued.

While much of the episode was fun, there were a few tender moments. The most touching moment was when Tim talked about how much he missed his old neighbor, Wilson Wilson Jr. Wilson was played by Earl Hindman, who died in 2003.

One of the biggest surprises from the episode was the hint of a reboot. In fact, in one scene Mike tells Tim, “You might want to think of rebooting that Tool Time.” The suggestive dialogue led to excited fans speculating on Twitter.

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Tim Allen Reveals He Got Emotional Filming Home Improvement Crossover

The final season of Last Man Standing is just weeks away, and we recently learned that Tim Allen will be playing dual roles during one of the final episodes.

Allen is set to reprise the role of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor for the special episode, which is an unexpected crossover between Last Man Standing and Allen’s previous hit, Home Improvement.

Home Improvement has not been on the air since 1999, so bringing the character, he played back to the forefront brought up a lot of memories.

Mike and Jen Edited - Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 11

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor said that he got emotional when he recalled the 2003 death of former co-star Earl Hindman, who starred as the Taylors’ neighbor Wilson W. Wilson on Home Improvement.

“It was challenging for me to do both parts and kind of emotional. I adored [Earl Hindman] and we kind of brought that up in the story,” the beloved actor shared.

“I started thinking about all the history I had with that TV show, how I compare it to my life on this show. It’s all about loss, is all I kept saying in that episode.”

Mike- Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 10

Last Man

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Tim Allen Reveals What His Home Improvement Character Has Been Doing Ahead of Last Man Standing Crossover

Earlier this year came the surprise announcement that fans of Tim Allen’s sitcom Last Man Standing will be in for double the Tim in an upcoming episode as his character Mike Baxter will share the screen with Allen’s Home Improvement character Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. Allen’s one-man crossover will unfold in Last Man Standing season 9, the final season of the series, during the upcoming January 7th episode of the series titled “Dual Time.” Speaking in a new interview, Allen has opened up about what his Home Improvement character has been up to since the 1999 series finale of that series and what it was like for him to return to that role.

“It seemed weird and put on and phony, but the way it’s handled — it’s self-aware. It’s a moment where we break the fourth wall to him,” Allen revealed to Us Weekly. “The grunting was part of his deal and he kind of cops to that. He’s gotten old and he’s moved on. He no longer does Tool Time. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s really quite clever….He’s in Colorado for some meeting — Binford tools is everywhere — and

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How to Watch Last Man Standing Home Improvement Crossover Episode

Wondering how to watch the Last Man Standing crossover with Home Improvement on FOX? Tonight is the big night where Tim “The Toolman” Taylor returns to television more than two decades after Home Improvement went off the air, as the crossover event with Last Man Standing will air on FOX. Actor Tim Allen will pull double duty with his popular sitcom roles from the shows with some visual effects trickery, putting Mike Baxter in the same room as “The Toolman” in the new episode “Dual Time.” But how will you be able to watch the new episode tonight?

Well, with a cable/satellite subscription or an antenna connected to your TV, you’re likely well informed on the ins-and-outs of watching TV. Otherwise, there are a few options for streamers.

Hulu Live offers FOX, as do other streamers such as Fubo, YouTube, Philo. Fans will be able to watch the episode as it airs live at 9:30pm ET. However, fans with the regular subscription to Hulu can watch the episode starting at 3:00am ET tomorrow.

Fans with cable subscriptions or FOX NOW access can log into the various FOX apps and websites and watch Live TV as well as new episodes

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Last Man Standing’s big Home Improvement crossover addressed

Fox sitcom Last Man Standing featured a double dose of Tim Allen this week, who played two separate characters in an eye-popping Home Improvement crossover.

Allen (also famed for portraying Scott Calvin in The Santa Clause franchise) reprised his character Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor opposite Mike Baxter, who he’s been playing for almost a decade now.

Baxter’s wife Vanessa hired the DIY expert to handle a list of home repairs, before he and Mike finally came face-to-face for a bizarrely meta conversation.

tim allen playing two different characters


Related: Toy Story 4‘s Tim Allen warned Tom Hanks about the “emotional” and “tough” ending

Chatting to TVLine, Last Man Standing showrunner Kevin Abbott opened up on this most unexpected of crossovers.

“We had already broken the first seven episodes when Fox, as they always do, asked, ‘Hey, is there some big event, or something grabby you can have as your premiere?’ And I just hate those,” he recalled.

“I tend to think of our show as a small show, you know? We tell small stories – so, by definition, something big and stunty really doesn’t happen on our show.

“It was [writer] Jon Haller who said, ‘We’ve had a lot of the Home

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‘Home Improvement’ fans go nuts after ‘Last Man Standing’ crossover hints at classic show’s return

‘Home Improvement’ fans go nuts after ‘Last Man Standing’ crossover hints at classic show’s return

Duration: 01:34

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor made his glorious return to network TV, Thursday. The former “Home Improvement” character, played by Tim Allen, appeared on “Last Man Standing” where he tried to help Mike Baxter, also played by Allen. While the episode was lots of fun, there were also some tender moments. Particularly when Tim mentioned how much he missed his old neighbor Wilson Wilson Jr., played by Earl Hindman who died in 2003. “I miss Wilson,” said Tim. “I miss a lot of stuff.” There were also a few lines that led viewers to believe a “Home Improvement” reboot was in the works. In fact, by the end of the episode even Mike was hoping Tim would bring his old show back. “You might want to think of rebooting that ‘Tool Time’ show,” said Mike. “Maybe this time, add more power.”

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Last Man Standing and Home Improvement Crossover Leaves Fans Desperate for a Reboot

Last Man Standing viewers saw double last night as Tim Allen’s beloved Home Improvement character, Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor, made an appearance on the Fox sitcom. The crossover event featured more than a few nods to Home Improvement, including discussions about neighbor Wilson Wilson, Jr., the Taylor family, and even a potential reboot. Say what?!

Thursday’s episode of Last Man Standing (Season 9, Episode 2, “Dual Time”) saw Mike Baxter confronted with a seemingly insurmountable problem: a broken disposal. When Vanessa (Nancy Travis) hires a home repairman, she and her husband are shocked to discover that he looks exactly like Mike — and has a knack for imbuing his home improvement projects with life lessons. “This is bizarre,” says Mike. “You look just like me, except his hair’s a little grayer!”

“And you look just like me, except you color your hair,” replies Tim with a laugh.

As the two fix the sink, they bond over their respective careers and their shared values. During a backyard conversation, Tim reveals how much he misses his old neighbor, Wilson (played by Earl Hindman, who died in 2003). “I miss Wilson,” he says sadly. “I miss a lot of stuff.”


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