Downtown Wheaton to welcome juice bar, home decor retailer, electric bike dealer

A “coming soon” sign takes on a whole new meaning in the midst of a pandemic.

In downtown Wheaton, those signs are appearing on what had been vacant storefronts, teasing the arrival of new businesses that have overcome unique challenges to open their doors.

“We have a lot of people who are interested because our downtown’s hopping right now,” Elle Withall said.

The executive director of the Downtown Wheaton Association has led recruitment of new retailers and restaurants opening in the coming days and months. Here’s a look at some of those developments.

Extract Juicery

Where: The juice bar will debut in a former coffeehouse space at 114 N. Main St. Five & Hoek Coffee Co. moved to the back of the brick building.

Menu: Extract has a selection of green juices and smoothies, a convenient way to drink your vegetables, especially if you don’t have a pricey juicer in your kitchen.

“There’s at least a pound and a half of vegetables in each juice, and to sit down and eat that would be extremely difficult to do,” owner Kevin Walker said.

He recommends the “Quench Me,” a refreshing mix of pineapple, cucumber, celery, kale and mint, and the vibrant

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Best Fireplace Decor Ideas

a fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace: Fireplace Decor 121237518 180077863680987 197223763505901506 N

© Courtesy of @bykristinalynne
Fireplace Decor 121237518 180077863680987 197223763505901506 N

Ditch the Mantle

Floor to ceiling tile, and no distracting mantle, makes this fireplace by @bykristinalynne a showstopping stunner. If tile isn’t an option, try painting your fireplace wall all black for a similar high impact look. To balance out the modern choices, add warm elements like the vintage cabinet and stacked firewood.

a fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace: Fireplace Decor 135031711 684650538909972 1033742448850662650 N

© Courtesy of @oakstonehomesiowa
Fireplace Decor 135031711 684650538909972 1033742448850662650 N

Over-Grouted Stone

Home builder @oakstonehomesiowa says this beautiful stone fireplace was their most asked-about project last year. This particular stone is a custom mix created with three types of manufactured stones and white over-grout.

Over-grouting is a technique that involves a heavy grout line that is even with, or actually extends beyond, the stone face, instead of the more traditional recessed grout line. This technique gives the stone a gorgeously soft, old-world finish.

a fire place sitting in a chair next to a fireplace: Fireplace Decor 119185478 366048387899440 4496503578940896277 N

© Courtesy of @thecozyfarmhouse
Fireplace Decor 119185478 366048387899440 4496503578940896277 N

Go Faux

Lamenting that you don’t have a fireplace to decorate? Go faux! @thecozyfarmhouse created this faux fireplace with an antique mantle mounted to the wall. Wood slices glued to plywood gives the illusion of stacked wood inside. A simple mirror

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4 Kitchen Decor Ideas To Help Enhance Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is an exciting project. Whether you’re looking to create an open floor plan to expand a small kitchen or hoping to create a more modern kitchen design, there are four kitchen decor ideas you need to consider before getting started.

An average kitchen remodel in the United States is $23,000, meaning a kitchen renovation project should not be taken lightly. Creating a cohesive and functional design that suits your style and home is critical. Take a look at these kitchen decor ideas that cover everything from picking paint colors to adding those finishing touches to help you create the beautiful kitchen of your dreams.

1. Pick a theme

Choosing a kitchen decorating theme that fits your personal style will bring you joy every time you use it. Changing out the overall look or feel of your kitchen can be achieved by selecting a theme that showcases your unique style while still flowing with the overall design of your home.

Establishing a focal point in the kitchen design is a great place to start. This will set the precedent for all your other kitchen decorating selections. Depending on your style, it could be an eye-catching patterned wallpaper on

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10 Small Kitchen Decor and Design Ideas

a kitchen with a dining table: Kitchen with a peninsula

© Courtesy of @intentionalspace
Kitchen with a peninsula

Problem-Solving Peninsula

Some kitchens are simply too small for an island. Enter the kitchen island’s sister — the peninsula. A kitchen peninsula, like this one in @intentionalspace‘s home, is essentially a three-sided island, with the fourth side attached to the wall. It acts as a bridge between the kitchen and neighboring room, while helping out with seating, counter space and storage. The creative corner shelving here ekes out a little more space for storage and decor.

an open refrigerator: Kitchen with shelves behind the door

© Courtesy of @endless_hacienda
Kitchen with shelves behind the door

Storage Solution

Although baking ingredients are often hidden away in a cabinet or pantry, a small kitchen may leave you short on closed storage space. Take a cue from @endless_hacienda and display often-used supplies in matching containers and labels — equal parts pretty and accessible. We love how her solution makes good use of narrow behind-the-door space.

a kitchen with a sink and a window: Kitchen with patterned floor tiles

© Courtesy of @colyer.cox.abode
Kitchen with patterned floor tiles

Patterned Floor

A kitchen with a small footprint is a great opportunity to go bold on the floor. We love the patterned tile in this charming kitchen by @colyer.cox.abode. When going this route, let the

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Lakay Designs, LLC Featuring African Decor at Front Door

Lakay Designs, LLC is a small business of African print designs for home as well as everyday life. This Home Decor Business has sold over 50,000 Comforters, Pillows, and Beddings.

It may have been a slow burn, but the fashion world’s ever-watchful eyes have finally started to turn towards African artistic designs and unique patterns. African textile designs and arts are representative symbols of African society. Their design creations and arts are known for unique geometric patterns graced with a beautiful choice of bright colors. The skills and aesthetics of African textile have been appreciated by many people and used as inspiration for their works. Lakay Designs, LLC by Linda Smith is known for the infusion of African art with modern designs.

Lakay design was founded in 2015 and is a perfect place for all African inspired home and business decor. There are plenty of ways to incorporate timeless African elements in the house that fits the individual interior style; that is why Lakay brings a range of products for the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and much more. Lakay Designs is a way for people to jazz up their home or business with gorgeous unique pieces. Taking extra care to

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The Estate of Julia Reed, Beloved Writer and Home Decor Shop Purveyor, Is Going Up for Auction

When great private collections come to auction, even those closest to the owner tend to discover unseen treasures stashed away for decades. However, for the estate of late journalist and author Julia Reed, to be offered online in Neal Auction’s Important Winter Estates Auction February 5–7, that general truism likely won’t bear out. “Julia didn’t just like to collect things and let them gather dust. She used them all in service to her incredible hospitality and generosity,” Keith Meacham, Reed’s dear friend and a fellow Mississippi native, tells AD PRO. Consistent with her munificence, all proceeds from the sale will benefit the Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust, which partners with nonprofits to support those in need of housing, education, food, and more.

In 2018 the Southern duo founded Reed Smythe & Company, an online boutique featuring artisanal home goods largely inspired by Reed’s personal trove. “No one could lay a table like Julia Reed and put on it food that she had cooked and flowers that she had arranged. I don’t think she ever catered a thing in her life,” recalls Meacham. “For all of those who knew and loved her, everything in the auction has such sentimentality

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CKS Collective Delivers Interior Design And Home Decor Inspo

With the creative direction of founder Christina Karvelas Stavropoulos’ impeccable eye, CKS Collective is a wealth of emerging talents and industry vets. Here, the design mind gives us an exclusive look at what’s on her ever-evolving wish list.

CKS Collective Christina Karvelas Stavropoulos

“This iconic fixture—wow. Not only do natural porcelain shades create soft, pretty light, but the fixture has a sculptural quality. It is a work of art and exactly my mood for fall.” Materia Forchette 24 chandelier
CKS Collective FORCH Pendant

“This Apparatus censer has been a favorite of mine for years. It is the most beautiful incense burner, and it can be used as a candleholder too. Gild Assembly is such a local gem. The owners have the best eye for spotting new artisans to debut in their shop.”

“Something about a daybed feels so dramatic. I love the juxtaposition of the metal frame with the plush cushion on this one—an ideal spot for swooning.” Gabriel Scott Boudoir daybed

“Intricate stitching and soft details invite touch. This pillow has irresistible softness and texture that I’m craving as the weather cools down.” Le Studio Anthost Pearl pillow
Pillow CKS Collective

“I love the simplicity of this solid white oak side table, which is designed to highlight the beauty of the

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Take a Tour of Biden’s Transformed Oval Office, and Learn More About Its Symbolic Decor

Take a Tour of Biden’s Transformed Oval Office, and Learn More About Its Symbolic Decor

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Kitchen wall decor ideas – 11 stylish looks using paint, tiles, wallpaper and more

The veritable heart of the home, the kitchen sees a lot of action day in, day out. It’s rush hour busy every morning, it’s where meals are cooked and dishes washed in the evening, and more often than not – in this odd limbo of lockdown and stay-at-home orders – it’s where the whole family ends up repeatedly throughout the day, seven days a week.

a kitchen with a sink and a window: Kitchen-wall-decor-ideas-Borastapeter

© Provided by Homes & Gardens

There’s no denying that a kitchen must be a functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, too. Your existing furniture, cabinetry and appliances will usually influence the room’s decor, yet how you decorate your kitchen’s walls can enhance the space and crucially, your mood, too.

  • See more: Kitchen ideas – super stylish looks for kitchens of all sizes and shapes

‘The kitchen wall is an imposing part of any kitchen, so it needs to be beautiful, but it must be hardy. There is no getting around it, it’s going to get a bashing,’ says Rodrigo Moreno Masey, Director at Moreno Masey.

‘Not only will there be sauces and splashes, but also knocks and scrapes. Whatever you choose needs to be robust and cleanable,’

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Whether it’s calming neutrals or more colorful, people are choosing what makes them feel happy for home decor

By Dorothy de Souza Guedes, correspondent

Have a favorite color for home decor? Don’t worry if it’s trending for 2021: chances are it’s on somebody’s Color of the Year List.

The manufacturers’ colors of 2021 are all over the place, from the surprise of Pantone’s shocking lemony yellow Illuminating and cool Ultimate Gray combination to Valspar’s feminine Dusty Lavender, one of 12 colors on its “fresh and familiar” 2021 palette.

Area interior designers say any color goes, so choose what makes you feel good in your home. People desire a space that reflects their personality, particularly now that they’re spending more time at home. Some people thrive on color while others want the calming neutrals of a sanctuary space, said Mark Roberts, interior designer with Larry Roberts Interiors in Cedar Rapids.

Jan Finlayson, interior designer and owner of Luxe Interiors in Iowa City, said her clients go with colors they like.

“I think everybody wants to feel like they’re up-to-date. Trends are just that: trends. Sometimes they last 30 seconds, sometimes 30 years,” she said.

People see color differently, and it affects the way they feel. “You’ve got to use what makes you feel good,” said Finlayson.

Lori Wiles agrees.

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