Romantic Archways and Lighting Define GoodBody Salon by Homework

Pablo Pardo pendant fixtures and custom LED-edged styling-station mirrors, mounted on full-height metal poles to emphasize verticality, yield a flattering glow. Photography by Aubrie Pick; styling by Bianca Sotelo.

Susan and Ben Work met in New York. It’s where the former, a Los Angeles native, earned her associates degree in interior design from Parsons School of Design and the latter, from Washing­ton, his master’s in architecture from Columbia University. They remained in the city, dating and working—she at Yabu Pushelberg and ICrave, he at 212box—until the 2008 recession hit, leaving them both without jobs. So they moved to San Francisco, married, and, in 2014, founded Homework, their surname an irresistible component of the firm’s moniker.

Susan and Ben Work, designer and architect, respectively, and the married founders of Homework. Photography by Aubrie Pick; styling by Bianca Sotelo.

Young, scrappy, and entrepreneurial, the Works found a kindred spirit in client Brittany Barnes, a Black businesswoman who had identified a need for a beauty salon in Oakland dedicated to textured hair. She came to Homework with the project already named, GoodBody, branded, and envisioned as high-end and luxurious—but on a tight budget. Once stripped down, the 1,400-square-foot former office space

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6 Design Trends That Will Define 2021, According to the Experts at CB2

Last year completely changed how we live in and think about our homes, and many of those changes won’t be temporary. Although 2021 felt like a fresh start, this revived focus on our homes is here to stay, and modern furnishings brand CB2 just released a report that details the trends that will define this new era of design.

a living room filled with furniture and vase on a table: The modern furnishings brand predicts the interior colors, materials, and styles to watch for this year.

© Courtesy of CB2
The modern furnishings brand predicts the interior colors, materials, and styles to watch for this year.

“2020 renewed the importance of interiors and our passion for providing elevated pieces that energize, uplift, and reflect our customer’s unique style,” said Ryan Turf, president of CB2, in a press release. “Our first-ever Next In Design Report allows us to share our love of all things design, giving customers a glimpse into the ways our top buyers and designers are reimagining homes for 2021, and beyond.”

Based on a survey of more than 900 interior designers from CB2’s Design Trade Program, the report takes into account how fashion, pop culture, and even astrological events might shape our design choices in the coming months. The trends broadly focus on self-expression, multi-functional homes, sustainable design, and optimism for the

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