In Florida, Historic Hotels Continue to Delight Thanks to Timeless Design

“From the moment Andrew and I purchased The Colony Palm Beach, we wanted to restore the lobby back to its original glamorous stature,” Colony co-owner Sarah Wetenhall says of herself and her husband. “Hospitality is all about first impressions…[and] I had this dream of visually immersing our guests in the Colony experience in a truly unique way.” 

Although the Wetenhalls went about this by installing a perfectly pink custom de Gournay wallpaper mural (more on that later), they’re not alone in partaking in what seems to be a Floridan hotel renaissance. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and its notably high rates in the Sunshine State, a slew of hospitality ventures are piquing interest and turning heads—thanks in no small part to their emphases on historic design.

A newly aqua-tinged space inside the Fisher Island Club.

Photo: Courtesy of the Fisher Island Club

On Fisher Island, designer Adriana Hoyos has been hard at work on the resort component of the Fisher Island Club after recently completing a series of refreshed common spaces within the famously exclusive members-only social club. Notably, the Vanderbilt Mansion is the keystone of the property. “I wanted to know a little bit about its history,” she says

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