Six Designer-Approved Kitchen Sink Styles We Love

The right sink can upgrade your entire kitchen. “A well-designed sink needs to be both functional and beautiful,” interior designer Emma Beryl explains. “If a sink isn’t functional, it will reduce the overall efficiency of your kitchen and cooking workflow, and if it isn’t attractive, it can compromise the overall design of the space.”

a room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a kitchen counter: Jennifer Hughes

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Jennifer Hughes

So, what elements are essential to a stylish, yet practical kitchen sink? For starters, it should be sized to suit your family’s unique needs. “A sink that is at least nine-inches deep is crucial for hiding dirty pots and dishes, and preventing splashing over the sides,” says interior designer Lauren Ramirez. “A durable, but also beautiful finish is equally important to help hide water spots and create a sense of luxury while taking care of messy business.” Curious what kinds of kitchen sinks our interior designer friends turn to time and time again? From innovative stainless-steel styles to hammered copper designs and more, several designers share their favorites ahead.

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Undermount Minded

Designed to ensure that the edge of the sink is below the level of the countertop,

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