Designing the Modern Quick-Service Restaurant Kitchen

The next stage in the process is “where we really start to formulate ways to turn ideas into reality,” says Carol Davis, FIT Kitchen’s director of business development. This includes workshops, discussions, and even mockups of equipment for systems and solutions that must “maintain or enhance the food quality and maintain the speed” of the kitchen.

Finally, the team creates a full-size replica of the kitchen—using wood and foam core on wheels—at a secret, offsite locale dubbed FIT 51, a humorous take on the Air Force’s highly classified Area 51. “It’s a really efficient way to look at a kitchen model and move things around easily,” Richardson says.

One company nearing the completion of this process is Tampa-based Checkers/Rally’s, which launched its last kitchen design nearly a decade ago.

“That kitchen has continued to evolve,” says Adam Noyes, the company’s chief restaurant operations and supply chain officer. He says the brands have added new processes and technology to deal with stronger sales and new menu items, like their successful slushy line.

The redesign’s research phase includes putting cameras in the restaurants’ kitchens to view the activity there, including at the fry station, which is a particular “pain point” during busy

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Maryland Homeowners: Designing A DIY Kitchen Island

Kitchen design trends are always changing. But one trend that’s here to stay is installing a kitchen island that’s both attractive and functional. Here’s how Maryland homeowners can transform their kitchen.

Designing and building an island is a great way to give your kitchen an instant makeover. A kitchen island can also provide you with more storage space as well an informal dining area for family and friends. Even on a small budget, with a bit of planning and time, you can build your own DIY island and turn your kitchen into a room you want to spend more time in. Here’s how.

Step 1: Design and Planning

Think about how you want to use your new kitchen island:

Additional counter space for food prep and storage

Having extra counter space means you’ll have more room to bake and cook. Consider adding extra cupboards and drawers to the island to store dishes, pots and pans, and cooking utensils. Search online or at your local home improvement store for some unique storage options.

Additional cooking area

If you’re planning on using your island for cooking, you’ll need to allow at least 18 inches of free space along the sides of the

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New Hampshire Homeowners: Guide For Designing A Dream Kitchen

A design makeover can make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again. Here’s everything New Hampshire homeowners need to know to create a functional and well styled kitchen.

Today’s kitchen isn’t just a space in your home where you cook. It’s also where your family and friends gather to socialize and spend quality time together. A redesign and upgrade can both modernize your kitchen and make it more enjoyable to spend time in. It can also increase the value of your home if you’re thinking about selling in the coming months.

Whether you’re just making a few changes or want a complete makeover, here are 7 ideas to help you create your ideal kitchen.

1. Custom cabinets

If your cabinets are old and outdated, installing custom cabinets can give your kitchen a fresh new look that matches the rest of your home décor. Custom cabinetry also lets you make the most of your kitchen space by fitting into corners and between windows.

2. Countertops

New countertops are another way to spruce up the kitchen. Trending right now are quartz and stone, which come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. To add even more character, install

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How I Am Designing My New Kitchen

My husband and I are working (slowly) on the renovation of an old stone barn that will be our forever home. Since we are self-building on weekends and the occasional evening, it is taking a long time. We’re still working on the basics but I have had plenty of time to think about what I would like it to be like when it is finished.

I thought I would share with you how I have used my knowledge of permaculture and its ethics and design principles to design what will (eventually) be my kitchen, using many of the same strategies and principles that I use in garden design.

Sectors and Passive Solar Design

In permaculture garden design, we begin with observation. The same should be true when we think about design inside our homes. In this case, I spent time thinking about the ways in which sunlight comes into the space throughout each day and throughout the year.

Since we are working from a basic stone-walled shell, some of the first work we undertook in our barn conversion involved making new openings in the exterior and making changes to the internal layout. This included making a new opening for French

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The 5 steps for designing a timeless kitchen

If any room in our homes got a workout last year, it was the kitchen. Cooking and baking were popular for both practical and relaxing reasons.

All that time in the heart of the home got some of us wondering whether we should deep clean, organize, upgrade or even remodel our kitchens. But a kitchen renovation is a huge investment; the average new kitchen costs between $13,295 and $37,603, according to HomeAdvisor. And when we do take the leap on that kind of remodel, either for part of the space or the whole room, we want to make choices that will last for years.

We talked to designers about how to make classic updates that will stand up over time. Here are their suggestions.

A class quartz countertop, like this one from Caesarstone, is a good option. Experts recommend sticking with white with a subtle pattern and low veining for a longer-lasting look. (Courtesy of Caesarstone)
A class quartz countertop, like this one from Caesarstone, is a good option. Experts recommend sticking with white with a subtle pattern and low veining for a longer-lasting look. (Courtesy of Caesarstone)

Use marble counters

Whether you’re doing a whole-kitchen remodel or making savvy moves to refresh the space, Wendy Blackband of Blackband Home & Design in California likes marble counters. “It’s been around for a long time, and you see it whenever you’re traveling through

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The Pulse of Entertainment: Dionne Warwick Makes Music with Interior Designing via WG Design Lab

Nine-time Grammy Award winner Dionne Warwick.

*“It goes hand-in-hand with music,” said nine-time Grammy Award-winner Dionne Warwick (“Do You Know the Way to San Jose”) about the link between interior designing and her music.

After many years designing interiors for homes and businesses via Dionne Warwick Design Group, with offices in Los Angeles, Hawaii and Rio de Janeiro, Warwick partnered with Los Angeles Interior Designer Bruce Garrick to form WG Design Lab about four years ago. She went on about the link between creating music and interior designing, “It includes colors, it’s warm, it’s cool, has a feel to it. All the things that go into designing music, goes into designing interiors of homes.”

American Music Awards Honoree Dionne and Interior Designer Bruce are not however new to working with each other. In 1987 Garrick and Warwick formed Dionne Warwick Design Group, with Bruce as Vice President and Senior Designer. They became one of the leading interior designers in the field – designing private estates (Mockingbird), residential and commercial properties (Villa Granada, Villa Montana). At WG Design Lab, Dionne and Bruce are the only designers.

“I was asked to join a design company with a designer who was very, very

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