Colors of Granite Countertops in Kitchen Designs | Home Guides

Touch a slab of granite. The cool and often slick surface of the stone belies a history that goes back millions of years. Created deep beneath the earth’s crust when molten lava combined with natural minerals, granite comes from quarries throughout the world. With an assortment of tones and hues, and veining that runs from the sublime to the dramatic, no two slabs of granite are alike. Granite can form the basis of your kitchen design or can meld easily into an existing color scheme.

Black Granite

Black granite adds dimension to a kitchen with its depth of color. Solid black granite pulls the eye deep into the slab and contrasts well with cabinetry that spans the color spectrum. Create a modern kitchen of black granite and white cabinets, complete with a checkerboard floor and a backsplash of crystal and black glass tiles. Use red as a highlight color. Granite that’s black with bronze speckles complements honey-colored cabinetry. Tumbled marble tiles in sand with pink overtones, and flooring of the same color, unite the lighter colors while highlighting the counter tops. Some black granite has veins of gray or white; this opens kitchen decor choices to include white or stainless

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Fyra Designs New Office for CBRE With Wellness in Mind

Soft textures and muted hues create a calming atmosphere inside the new CBRE office in Helsinki. Photography by Riikka Kantinkoski. 

In Finland, a country often ranked as the “happiest” in an annual U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network report, design and wellbeing go hand in hand. So when CBRE, an internationally recognized real estate consulting agency, tasked local firm Fyra with creating a new workspace in Helsinki, the team set out to take biophilic design to the next level.

When envisioning the space, the designers focused on creating a playful office with plenty of elements that invite exploration and discovery, while maintaining a distinguished aesthetic. The resulting facilities feature an internal zone, used only by employees, and an external zone that acts as a showroom and collaborative space. “One of the project goals was to make choices that genuinely impact the well-being of employees,” the design team notes. “From a designer’s perspective, this was an ideal starting point.” To do so, the team considered optimal air circulation and quality, natural light, fitness, and employees’ overall comfort, incorporating greenery and water points throughout. And for moments that call for some R&R, designated “mindfulness spaces” offer the perfect opportunity to reset. 

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Kitchens by JS Geddes in Kilmarnock, Providing the Best UK Luxury Kitchen Designs

Kitchens by JS Geddes in Kilmarnock, Providing the Best UK Luxury Kitchen Designs

Voted the UK’s top kitchen retailer by our peers seven times, Kitchens by JS Geddes has been delivering sophisticated kitchen designs for no less than 35 years. The family-run company has been handling the needs of clients for over three decades, making sure that the heart of their home – the kitchen – is fitted with modern and sophisticated designs. Kitchens by JS Geddes has a team that handles the entire process, from the design stage all the way to installation and aftercare.

Kilmarnock, UK – The creative team at Kitchens by JS Geddes understands that a kitchen should mirror the preferences, style, and sophistication of its owner. Therefore, the team offers a creative approach to addressing the individual needs of each of its clients.

The team at Kitchens by JS Geddes treats each client as a unique entity and works with each client bearing their preferences, styles, and choices in mind. The creative process adopted by the kitchen remodeling experts begins with the pre-design brief, where the team meets with the client to better understand their goal for their kitchen space.

Managing Director and founder Jim Geddes said, “We’re based just 25 minutes from Glasgow and 35 minutes from

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9 Functional Kitchen Sink Designs for your Incredible Kitchen

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Kitchen sinks: Stylish kitchen sink designs that will upgrade your kitchen | Most Searched Products

A kitchen can have state-of-the-art appliances and yet, a kitchen sink remains it’s one of the most crucial elements. The kitchen sink is one of the most multifunctional fixtures in a kitchen and certainly deserves careful consideration. This utilitarian and functional fixture can also be stylish and aesthetically pleasing when picked thoughtfully. Kitchen sinks are available in various sizes and configurations-including top mount or drop-in designs and under-mount sinks. Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used in kitchen sinks in India. Depending on space, you can go for a single or a double bowl sink. Check out a few recommendations below:

This kitchen sink is made from 304-grade stainless steel and it features a collar of 2 mm thickness and a bowl of 1 mm thickness. The sink has a satin finish that will look good paired with all kinds of countertops. This sink is also available in more sizes.

The overall size of the sink is 22 by 18 by 10 inches with the bowl measuring 20 by 16 by 10 inches.

This kitchen sink is created in a clean geometric design with zero radius corners and unique square-shaped drains. This sink absorbs vibration and significantly

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Nearly 40 Mediterra homesites await London Bay Homes designs

With a choice of nearly 40 available homesites and an exceptional collection of award-winning homes by London Bay Homes, Naples homebuyers can create the home of their dreams in Mediterra, Naples’ 12-time Community of the Year.

a house with a pool in a garden: The Mallory will be move-in ready in April 2021 and available for $1,866,000.

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The Mallory will be move-in ready in April 2021 and available for $1,866,000.

Within Mediterra’s distinctive neighborhoods, homebuyers can recreate their preferred London Bay home design with the builder’s signature coastal-influenced architecture, grand floor plans and expansive outdoor living areas. And with move-in ready homes underway in the Caminetto, Lucarno and Cabreo neighborhoods starting from $1.8 million, homebuyers can take advantage of an expedited building process and access to the London Bay Homes’ Selection Studio for their choice of preferred flooring, fixtures, cabinetry and lighting.


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In the Cabreo neighborhood of lake and preserve view luxury villas, seven homesites remain for London Bay Homes’ new open-concept floor plan choices ranging from 2,894 to 3,020 square feet. Available for $1,866,000, the move-in ready Mallory estate scheduled for March completion boasts an open-concept, light-filled and extremely livable floor plan that showcases lake views through a wall of sliding glass doors. The home will also feature an upscale blend of designer features and finishes

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Phoenix Manufacturer Shelf Theory Designs, Builds, and Installs Custom Pantry and Cabinet Pull Out Shelves

Homeowners in Phoenix looking for better ways to organize their pantries, kitchens, and bathrooms can now look to Shelf Theory for custom built cabinet organizers, pull out cabinet shelving and sliding pantry shelves. Shelf Theory is a woman led business providing homeowners throughout the Phoenix area with custom sliding cabinet shelves and pull out pantry shelves for better organization and easier access, while also dramatically increasing storage capacity.

The pantry is often one of the smallest areas in most homes, requiring better organization and space saving methods for optimal use. Shelf Theory has designed sliding pantry shelves and cabinet organizer solutions that address space and storage problems perfectly. The company’s pull out pantry shelves and slide out cabinet shelves are manufactured at Shelf Theory’s sleek new fabrication plant located in central Phoenix.

Shelf Theory designs, builds, and installs custom slide out shelves for existing and new cabinets. Any kitchen or bathroom remodel should include sliding shelves for each cabinet. Shelf Theory slide-out shelves are designed to be pulled out with no need for bending, reaching, or stooping in search of items toward the rear of the cabinet. Additionally, Shelf Theory also provides custom slide out cabinet shelves and drawers for

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11 Tactical Tools From Interior Design’s January 2021 LAUNCH Issue

Explore 11 tactical yet modern design tools, featured in Interior Design‘s January 2021 edition of LAUNCH.  

1. Tromso by Shelfology

A display piece in its own right, this sleek floating shelf—whose super thin, super strong profile (in four styles) supports 90 pounds per linear foot—is laser-cut and hand-fabricated from premium-milled ¼-inch-thick steel. 

Standouts: Made to order by inch—and done in the USA—designers can pick from over 30 powder coats and use custom colors.

> Learn more about Tromso on LAUNCH

2. Optima EBF-425 by Sloan

This organically modern touch-free faucet (with matching foam soap dispenser) is crafted of brass and available in five finishes, enabling designers to express any aesthetic vision. 

Standouts: Battery-Powered or hardwired, the sink comes with an Optima Control Box for easy installation and an app for users to manage settings. 

> Learn more about Optima EBF-425 on LAUNCH

3. Ocean Master MAX by Tuuci

Redefining the boundaries of shade architecture, the collection offers expansive coverage, profound strength, and reinforced shade skins—an exquisite harmony of comfort and sanctuary. 

Standouts: Master craftsmanship is on display in all 11 styles that combine

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Designs of tiny homes earn big recognition for students

Two University of Miami School of Architecture students recently won honorable mentions in the Center for Architecture Sarasota’s “Less is More” competition.

Cozy, energy efficient, mobile. These are some of the descriptions of what has become a growing trend in real estate: Tiny houses. 

An increasing number of Americans are leaving behind large homes to live in these miniature structures that range between 100 to 600 square feet. Many are in a price range well below $100,000.  

Television shows like “Tiny House Nation,” “Tiny House Big Living” and “Tiny House Builders” have popularized the trend of people who want to downsize, live in a structure with low maintenance, and lower carbon footprint. 

Madison Seip

“I think people are realizing that the size does not matter as long as you have all that you need in a home,” said Madison Seip, a fifth year School of Architecture student at the University of Miami. “You don’t need all that space, and it is more expensive to heat or cool.” 

Seip and Peyton Smyth, a third-year graduate student of architecture, recently received honorable mentions for their designs of tiny homes from the Center for Architecture Sarasota in the “Less is More”

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Lakay Designs, LLC Featuring African Decor at Front Door

Lakay Designs, LLC is a small business of African print designs for home as well as everyday life. This Home Decor Business has sold over 50,000 Comforters, Pillows, and Beddings.

It may have been a slow burn, but the fashion world’s ever-watchful eyes have finally started to turn towards African artistic designs and unique patterns. African textile designs and arts are representative symbols of African society. Their design creations and arts are known for unique geometric patterns graced with a beautiful choice of bright colors. The skills and aesthetics of African textile have been appreciated by many people and used as inspiration for their works. Lakay Designs, LLC by Linda Smith is known for the infusion of African art with modern designs.

Lakay design was founded in 2015 and is a perfect place for all African inspired home and business decor. There are plenty of ways to incorporate timeless African elements in the house that fits the individual interior style; that is why Lakay brings a range of products for the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and much more. Lakay Designs is a way for people to jazz up their home or business with gorgeous unique pieces. Taking extra care to

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