‘Underdog Billionaire’ helped Dominick’s Diner

Restaurant news has been breaking all over the region. Here are the facts as we know them:

Dominick’s Diner, 123 E. 12th St., was scheduled to appear on Discovery Channel’s “Undercover Billionaire: Comeback City” on Wednesday. The episode description reads “We head to Dominick’s to see just how many eggs we have to break to get this local diner back on its feet.” Find the series on Discovery+, or at http://bit.ly/3sIenLU

Tina Ferraro, Dominick’s co-owner with Tony Ferraro, said all six of the “Comeback City” episodes are focused on saving struggling Erie businesses. The first two were Tipsy Bean, 2425 Peach St., and Michael’s Car Care, 1802 Parade St. 

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Did anyone else wonder how Dominick’s Diner remodeled in the midst of saying the pandemic might put them under? That was when they were filming their episode, and they weren’t allowed to tell anyone until they were chosen at the end of July, Tina Ferraro said. 

“It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?” she said with a laugh. “Glenn (Stearns, the billionaire in the title) is an amazing guy. You’d never know he’s a billionaire

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