BMW iX interior discretely integrates high-tech features

Dezeen promotion: BMW’s all-electric iX was designed from the inside out, and incorporates a host of “shy tech” features throughout its entire design.

a close up of a car: BMW iX interior design

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BMW iX interior design

The interior design for the upcoming iX model, BMW’s latest fully electric car, signals a new visual language for the German auto brand.

The inside of the vehicle was developed before the exterior, shifting the design focus to the occupants and creating a more lounge-like feel that the company refers to as a “Livingspace on Wheels”.

a close up of a car: The interior of the BMW iX was designed before its exterior

© Provided by Dezeen
The interior of the BMW iX was designed before its exterior

“We tried to create a design where we start from the customer, and we develop the car from the inside to the outside,” said Matthias Junghanns, head of BMW i Interior Design. “Human-centric design puts people at centre stage.”

This is achieved in part by removing the centre tunnel, which is possible due to its electric drive train, providing more leg room for passengers in the rear three seats.

Like the exterior of the sports activity vehicle (SAV), the interior is kitted-out with intelligent functions that the manufacturer collectively calls “shy tech” – describing technology that remains

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