25 ways to create stunning house plant displays

Indoor plant ideas can help lower stress levels, replenish the air and make your home look gorgeous. What’s more, indoor plants offer an excuse to have fun and get hands-on creative too. 

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Surrounding ourselves with indoor garden ideas, and the act of caring for plants, also helps us get back in touch with nature. And, as the Botanical Boys say, ‘Connection to the natural world is more crucial than ever. In a fast-paced fragile world we live in today, we need to just slow down sometimes and observe nature – it’s the one thing that keeps us alive.’

‘It is incredibly important that each and every one of us finds the time to connect to nature in some way and by doing so also positively impacts our own wellbeing,’ they add.

It’s easy to enjoy all the benefits of plants indoors. However big or small your home, there’s definitely room for a leafy beauty or two  – from tiny bonsais to stately palms and figs they can pep up a mantlepiece, filter light coming through a window or even help divide an open-plan living space. They can add contrast and texture to the

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Simply Perfect to expand interior design displays at 8th and Railroad location

The timing was right for Penny Klinedinst to expand her home design, decor, lifestyle and apparel store at the 8th and Railroad shopping center.

Klinedinst is expanding Simply Perfect into the former Rug and Relic space next door, which closed its doors in 2020, to help showcase more of her interior design work.

“This has always been in the back of our mind,” Klinedinst said of the expansion.

And this isn’t new for Klinedinst — space has meant everything to her store.

While Klinedinst started her interior design work in 1999, she opened Simply Perfect in 2006 as a retail side of her business. The store grew from 800 square feet to more than 8,000 square feet, to fit not only the growing retail side of Simply Perfect, but the apparel side of her business, Threads. She also bought Plum’s Cooking Company a few doors down in 2016.

Reg and Relic closed in 2020. Simply Perfect will expand to the space next door at 8th and Railroad to showcase interior design work.

But as retail demanded more space, her first passion of interior design was pushed to the back. Her interior design studio, where she plans and creates spaces for her clients, is hidden in a 400 square foot room at the back of Simply Perfect.

“No one knows about that work because it’s

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