Getting Your Real Estate Entrepreneurship On Track

Dave Panozzo is the co-founding owner of The Panozzo Team-HomeSmart, a real estate team in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2012 I hit a turning point in my life, I had big dreams to be a successful serial entrepreneur with a healthy lifestyle and a loving relationship, but that year I struggled. My businesses were failing, and my marriage was on the brink of divorce. To top it off, I realized that I had become an alcoholic. It was also a moment that showed me how off track I was from reaching my dreams. I learned three very important lessons from that pivotal point in my life that can be applied to your life. Whether you are in a sink-or-swim situation like I was in 2012 or just simply feeling off track, these three tips will help you get so much closer to turning your business dreams into goals and your goals into reality. 

You Can’t Do It Alone

Human beings are naturally social creatures. Our reptilian brain programs us to crave comfort and seek safety in numbers. If you are off track from hitting your goals, it’s time for you to get an accountability buddy or coach who will

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