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Minimal Pot Size refers to the diameter of the top of the pot. The height may vary but is usually categorized as standard or azalea. Azalea pots are shorter and ideal for plants that grow minimal roots like succulents. Standard pots are recommended for growing vegetables.

Recommended minimum diameters are tomatoes, 20 inches; peppers, 16 inches; radish, onion and beets, 10 inches; carrots, 12 inches; and herbs and flowers, 12 inches; and greens, 10 inches.

Recommended soil volume is 10-inch pot, 3 gallons; 12-inch pot, 5 gallons; 14-inch pot, 7 gallons; 16-inch pot, 10 gallons; 18-inch pot, 15 gallons; 24-inch pot, 25 gallons; and 30-inch pot, 30 gallons.

Porch pots combining hues of silver foliage along with white flowers will be on trend this year. Silver foliage plants include Dichondra “Silver Falls,” lotus vine, dusty miller, lavender and curry plant. Lotus vine has fine, silvery foliage that drapes down the side of the pot. Ornamental curry plants, which are related to straw flower, assert foliage similar to lavender, and have small, rounded yellow blooms. The blooms sometimes detract from silver foliage so regular pinching is required for a bold compact silver accent. Although its namesake and scent reminds of a

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