How CB2 tapped internal experts and interior designers to predict 2021 home trends

CB2 is kicking off 2021 by releasing its first ever “Next in Design” report, a comprehensive projection of the interior design trends that will shape the home over the next year. The brand surveyed more than 900 interior designers from its Design Trade program to gather insight into what products and materials are most in demand from their clients.

The report found four major design trends based on internal expertise and designer responses: bold, maximalist statement pieces; a desire for stylish outdoor furniture; mineral-inspired color palettes; and a demand for more organic, sustainable materials. “We’re always looking ahead to what’s next, which is why the trends surfacing this year are things that have been informing not only our current collection but what’s to come throughout the year,” says Samie Barr, vice president of marketing at CB2. “The materials, colors, silhouettes and influences are reflected in the products we have available to shop right now, and this trend report serves as our exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at our ever-evolving inspiration.”

CB2 predicts that outdoor furniture will continue to be important to consumers.

CB2 predicts that outdoor furniture will continue to be important to consumers.Courtesy of CB2

There’s a fine line between chasing trends and valuable market research—and CB2 president Ryan Turf

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Artsper Empowers Designers Experts to Source Unique Pieces via Virtual Marketplace

Vibrant artworks create a statement in the otherwise muted living room of the interior designer Camille Fernez. Photography courtesy of Sloft Magazine Fabienne Delafraye. 

Adding to the growing list of project collaborators, from furniture makers to electrical engineers, designers are increasingly tasked with venturing into the art world in hopes of finding special pieces for a given space. With a rising interest among clients in building a considered and personal art portfolio, knowing how and where to source art can be a time-consuming part of the design process. On a mission to simplify and make the art-buying process more accessible by combining human art expertise with specialized AI algorithms, one online marketplace is streamlining the search.

Artsper offers designers a seamless, easy-to-use interface— look through the Abstract Painting category here. Image courtesy of Artsper. 

Named after American painter Jasper Johns, Paris-based company Artsper boasts a virtual marketplace with more than 130,000 works from 15,000+ artists. Partnering exclusively with professional boutique and renowned galleries across the world, Artsper’s team ensures all art is ethically sourced and that participating artists are aptly supported. Using the site, designers are able to digitally consult with trend experts and narrow their search with

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Top Interior Design Trends You Should Try In 2021, According To Experts

From natural colour palettes, to mood-boosting decor and multi-purpose furniture, these are the top interior trends to try in 2021 (Photo:
By Helen Yu

By Helen Yu

January 29, 2021

Whether you’re moving into a new home or renovating your current space for a fresh look, these major interior design trends for 2021—as predicted by top designers and home décor experts—will help you clear out the old energy and enjoy a sense of renewal

As the days continue where we are spending the majority of our time at home amidst the pandemic, creating a serene, comfortable environment has never been more important. 

The arrival of the new year indeed brings the perfect opportunity to brainstorm new designs to bring some positivity to your space and make it a true sanctuary—and that’s why—we’ve reached out to top designers from local home styling platform, The Editors Company, and leading interior design firm Wimberly Interiors, to learn about the biggest home design trends for 2021 and tips on how to incorporate these styles in our own homes for a good year ahead. 

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7 stylish home office ideas from interiors experts

Remember when you used to commute into an office? When you’d spend the day working under strip lighting, have kitchen chats with colleagues and get in a grump when someone used your Special Office Mug? Over the last year, as many of us have switched to remote working, our homes have morphed into offices. Whether you have a dedicated room or you’ve commandeered a corner of your bedroom/living room/kitchen, you want your work space to feel calm, ordered and stylish.

a living room filled with furniture and vase of flowers on a table: With many of us in an extended period of home working, experts share their home office decor ideas, from choosing uplifting colours to finding the right desk.

© mediaphotos – Getty Images
With many of us in an extended period of home working, experts share their home office decor ideas, from choosing uplifting colours to finding the right desk.

For Maddy Potts, interiors influencer and author of blog, This 1870 House, her bedroom doubles up as her workspace. “I clear everything down at the end of the day – laptop stand away, laptop in a drawer – so it’s not there overnight. But the main thing with creating your work-from-home space is to do what works for you.” With that in mind, Maddy and two other interiors gurus share their stylish home office ideas.

Pick hues you love

“Choose colours that make you truly

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Renovating your ceilings could be the best thing for your home, according to design experts

Leanne and Steve Ford have a new show on HGTV. HGTV

Leanne and Steve Ford have a new show on HGTV. HGTV

  • Leanne and Steve Ford spoke to Insider ahead of the premiere of “Home Again With the Fords.”
  • They told Insider that raising your ceiling can make your home feel bigger.
  • Their new show premieres Tuesday on HGTV at 9 p.m. ET.
  • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Brother-sister duo Leanne and Steve Ford are teaming up on HGTV again.


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After the success of “Restored by the Fords,” the siblings are returning to the home-decor TV scene with their new show, “Home Again With The Fords.”

In the new series, the Fords are renovating houses in their hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for other Steel City-natives who are moving back home.

Ahead of the premiere, the Fords spoke to Insider about how to make your home as functional as possible for your life as you renovate it.

If you want your space to feel bigger, look up

As people renovate their spaces, they often have the goal of making their home feel more spacious.

Many people turn to open-concept floor plans to create that larger feel, particularly since many HGTV shows spotlight the style.

But Leanne

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Experts suggest to keep this much in equity, gold, real estate

The asset allocation should be based on the overall financial goals of a person.

© Provided by The Financial Express
The asset allocation should be based on the overall financial goals of a person.

The performance of your investment portfolio over the long term depends on how efficiently you have allocated funds across different assets. Rather than sticking to one asset class, it’s always better to spread your money across different assets such as equities, debt, real estate, gold or even other alternative assets. As different assets react differently to the external factors, the likelihood of the value of all asset price going up or down at the same time is remote. If an event has a negative impact on the value of a specific asset, the less-impacted assets balance the portfolio returns.

As far as asset allocation is concerned, it depends on individuals’ risk appetite and the number of years to goals. Typically, equities suit when the goals are far away. Nearing goals, debt assets such as debt funds fit the bill. The most important rule is to maintain the asset allocation and not change it mid-way before reaching the goal.

If you are investing without an asset allocation plan in place, you may not be following the financial planning process in its

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6 Design Trends That Will Define 2021, According to the Experts at CB2

Last year completely changed how we live in and think about our homes, and many of those changes won’t be temporary. Although 2021 felt like a fresh start, this revived focus on our homes is here to stay, and modern furnishings brand CB2 just released a report that details the trends that will define this new era of design.

a living room filled with furniture and vase on a table: The modern furnishings brand predicts the interior colors, materials, and styles to watch for this year.

© Courtesy of CB2
The modern furnishings brand predicts the interior colors, materials, and styles to watch for this year.

“2020 renewed the importance of interiors and our passion for providing elevated pieces that energize, uplift, and reflect our customer’s unique style,” said Ryan Turf, president of CB2, in a press release. “Our first-ever Next In Design Report allows us to share our love of all things design, giving customers a glimpse into the ways our top buyers and designers are reimagining homes for 2021, and beyond.”

Based on a survey of more than 900 interior designers from CB2’s Design Trade Program, the report takes into account how fashion, pop culture, and even astrological events might shape our design choices in the coming months. The trends broadly focus on self-expression, multi-functional homes, sustainable design, and optimism for the

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8 essential kitchen layout tips from design experts you should never ignore

When starting a kitchen project, layout and formation options can be seemingly endless. Practicality is key, and the shape you choose should be aesthetically pleasing as well enhancing your lifestyle. Thankfully, we have a host of kitchen layout tips from expert designers to help you realize your vision.

a dining room table: kitchen layout tips

© Provided by Homes & Gardens
kitchen layout tips

See: Small kitchen layout ideas – ways to maximise that small space

The first step is to think carefully about how you move within the space and how you see your family using the room in the future – and this is where the well-known kitchen work triangle comes into play.

‘The “work triangle” is the common sense principle that a kitchen plan revolves around the location of the sink, cooker and fridge and that the kitchen plan should be based on the most efficient workflow using these elements,’ says Adrian Bergman, Senior Designer at British Standard by Plain English

‘This is, of course true, especially in a busy kitchen but there can be other considerations such as aesthetics, and respect for the architecture of a room, so there are occasions where we might stretch the layout rules to achieve a

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We Asked Experts About the Interior Design Trends of 2021

Ahh, 2020. We wish we could say that we were sad to see you go, but we know we aren’t the only ones looking forward to a better, brighter 2021—quite literally, when it comes to design. We’re expecting fresh ideas, fearless colors and textures, unexpected materials, and broad trends for the new year, and we’ve rounded them up with some insights from designers, makers, and experts in the field. Ready for a peek at what the new year has to bring? Read on.


It often felt like there wasn’t much to celebrate in 2020, so we’re ready for design that celebrates life and unapologetically screams happiness and joy through patterns, forms, and colors. For pure design delight, look no further than the work of U.K.-based British-Nigerian designer Yinka Ilori’s provocative but fun home goods, furniture, and installations. Get ready for outspoken color combos like fuchsia and grassy green, retro orange and punchy turquoise in eye-catching, not-so-subtle patterns and shapes. You’ll find that even though life is still taking place inside for at least the first half of 2021, you can still have fun, and these lively colors and spaces will help you get there.

Squiggles and Wiggles


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Why dark walls could change your home for the better, according to interior design experts

  • White and neutral-colored walls have been trendy in homes in recent years.
  • But dark colors might be a better choice for your space, according to Ben and Erin Napier of HGTV‘s “Home Town.”
  • “It creates contrast,” Erin told Insider of why dark paint works in home spaces.
  • The latest season of “Home Town” premiered on HGTV on Sunday, and new episodes will be airing each week.

Home decor trends go in and out of style every few years, though some have more staying power than others.

In recent years, neutral color palettes have dominated interior design trends, particularly when it comes to painting. People have been opting for white and other light colors on their walls, aiming to create a clean look.

However, darker paint colors are becoming popular again, and Ben and Erin Napier, the hosts of HGTV’s “Home Town,” told Insider they’re excited that people are opting for richer shades.
“People are less afraid of dark rooms now,” Erin told Insider. “I think it’s exciting to see more of a return to color on the wall – dark, saturated, moody color.”

Why dark walls could change your home for the better, according to interior design experts
Dark walls can create contrast.Wachirawut Priamphimai / EyeEm / Getty Images

Painting the

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