Figure Out Which Direction Your Home Faces When Deciding How to Decorate a Room

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new house or apartment, or are taking advantage of another winter cooped up at home to make some improvements to your place, there are plenty of things to consider when coming up with a decorating plan. Along with factors like your budget and how the room is going to be used, there’s another important piece of the puzzle: the direction that the room—and your entire home—is facing. Here’s how to figure that out and why it matters.

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How to Figure Out Which Direction You’re Facing


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How to determine which direction your home is facing

If you don’t already know which way your home faces, you’ll just need a compass (and yes, the one in Google Maps works). If you’re in a house, stand at the front door and see which direction the compass is pointing.

If you’re in an apartment—or want to figure out the direction a specific room in your house is facing—it’s not quite as straightforward. Sure, you could stand at the front door and see which direction the building faces, but if you’re decorating a room on the other side of the structure, that may

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