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Families often spend more time in the kitchen than they do in any other room of the home. So it makes sense that a lot of thought and design consideration go into the selection of kitchen cabinets and the flooring. The kitchen cabinets are one of the largest, most visible components of the kitchen design, while the floor needs to hold up to the traffic of the kitchen while complementing its style.

Cabinet Styles

Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen, with the upper cabinets being right in the line of sight. They often set the tone for the style of the rest of the kitchen. For contemporary spaces, look for slab-style cabinet fronts and sleek, solid finishes with little grain and no glazing. In formal kitchens, think about using a traditional overlay cabinet front, and include decorative filler panels at the ends of the rows. Select a wood species with some character, such as Brazilian cherry, and include a glaze to add depth to the color.

Flooring Materials

Take the material your kitchen flooring is made of into consideration when you select its style. Kitchen floors get a lot of foot traffic and abuse when

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Emerging Commercial Flooring Ideas To Restart The Year

The time has come for you to get started on working your flooring. Knowing what’s trending in the industry will allow you to choose from many designs and stay on top. We have some commercial flooring fads for you in today’s piece. Besides, we will discuss other matters such as costs and expenses, talking to a professional commercial flooring Indianapolis and hiring expert designers, and so much more.

Flooring Ideas to Fall For

Here are flooring ideas you can install in business and commercial properties. Each one has its own set of requirements and factors that makes it one of a kind, so make sure you do your research before installation to get the most out of it. The following may still be emerging as a trend, but now is the time you start falling for these latest flooring concepts.

This idea is a popular hit among many owners. Luxury vinyl tiles are waterproof, easy to manage and repair, and are ideal for bathrooms and even patios. And besides, you can mimic wood and stone with these.

Sustainable hardwood is eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and are in demand. However, you might want to check each and everyone out carefully, as some

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Why you should always start with flooring when it comes to interior design

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There’s a reason neutral, plain carpets dominate the flooring market. I’m afraid to say that the non-committal, non-colours of grey, beige and greige are easy outs. Their use is symbolic of a refusal to engage with the true potential of a space. A floor left grey is the last chocolate in the box left uneaten.

The fear of getting it wrong is a major driver in the popularity of boring flooring. To avoid this fear, interior designers suggest starting with the floor instead of leaving its consideration to the end of the design process. Many of them believe that it is the flooring that should serve as the palette for the rest of the space, giving the room in question a grounding (if you will…) of colour and pattern. As interior design doyenne Michelle Ogundehin recently told ELLE Decoration, “the most important design decision [is] the flooring. Literally and visually, it is the foundation for everything, underpinning every view and item lain upon it”.

This doesn’t mean the flooring should be installed first, but throughout the design process, consider carrying around a carpet swatch in your back pocket to fan thoughtfully beside paint colours,

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