Finnish Co-op Opposite Sunset Park With Wood Floors, Renovated Kitchen Asks $595K

This nicely proportioned one-bedroom across the street from Sunset Park has some prewar touches and a renovated kitchen and bath. Its location at 574 44th Street puts it in the Sunset Park North Historic District, one of the four historic districts in the neighborhood designated in 2019.

The apartment is on the third floor of the walk-up building, which boasts an intricately patterned brick facade and was constructed in 1914 to designs by architectural firm Eisenla and Carlson. The partners also designed three neighboring buildings, all of tapestry brick. While the building was not originally constructed as a Finnish co-op, it was converted to one after being purchased in 1922 by the Pleasant View Association.

This unit doesn’t appear to have a park view, but what it does have is a nice stretch of windows across the living and dining rooms. The rooms, which have a generously sized opening in between them, also boast wood floors with inlaid borders, crown molding and painted window trim.

Doors separate both rooms from the hallway that runs through the unit; they are glass-paned French doors in the living room. If a formal dining room is not needed, the smaller of the two rooms

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Jute rugs that will add a cottage-chic vibe to your floors | Most Searched Products

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This colourful and circular jute rug is perfect for creating a cosy nook on the floor with floor cushions and chairs. The rug is reversible and can be used for changing the look of the floor from time to time.

The rug measures 60 cm in diameter and it comes in a set of 2.

This jute rug measures 5 by 3 feet and would be perfect for placing near the couch, under the coffee table. The rug would also work well in a balcony. This sturdy and durable rug would last for years and its braided look will add a textural and warm appeal to your bedroom.

The natural look

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