This Park Slope resident is selling massive gourmet peanut butter cups

Artisan peanut butter cups the size of your fist, topped with cookies, candy and Belgian chocolate are Brooklyn’s newest dessert craze—and they’re the creation of a Park Slope foodie who conjures the Franken-PB cups in his very own kitchen.

Patrick LaMarca, 39, is a production manager who’s worked at famous venues in NYC like Blue Note Jazz Club and Sony Hall, but for the past year, he’s donned another hat—a chef’s hat, creating incredible candy concoctions for his new business, 4AM CANDY CO.

The monster artisan chocolate cups are filled with homemade peanut butter, cake or pie, then sealed with Belgian chocolate and topped with classic cookies or candy bars. So, yeah—they’re pretty over the top.

4am candy co
Photograph: Courtesy 4AM CANDY CO

The “Prospect Park,” inspired by the trails in the nearby park where LaMarca and his girlfriend, singer and production manager Christine Vaindirlis, take their dog for walks, is a dark chocolate peanut butter-filled cup with Oreos, milk chocolate chips and M&M cookies. 

“King Tubby” is a peanut butter cup topped with Belgian milk chocolate, a Nutter Butter cookie, a mini Nutter Butter cookie, Reese Pieces and Milk Chocolate. 

“Zebra Cake” is sealed with Belgian chocolate and topped with fudge

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