Project GREEN’s winter gardening forums are a highlight of the season

In the Midwest, unless you count houseplants and seed catalogs, January is not a good gardening month. It is cold and stormy, gray seems to be its favorite color and I could swear it has extra days that don’t show up on the calendar.

However, Project GREEN is here to rescue us and stir the gardening juices with their Sunday Winter Gardening Forums. The first one is Sunday, Jan. 10. It will look a little different from other years in that it will be virtual and the cookies and coffee will be missing.

The first forum is about Brucemore, the National Trust and Historic site in Cedar Rapids. It took quite a hit from the derecho on Aug. 10. Winds toppled tree after tree, damaged several other historic buildings, and tumbled statuary.

The picture below shows some of the devastation. Melissa Porter, the museum’s program manager, is the forum’s speaker and will tell us about the damage and the plans for restoring the landscape.

Brucemore is over 100 years old but had only four owners before 1981, when it was turned over to the National Trust. It sits on 26 acres now and each owner put their mark on the

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