Gardening: Making hive beetles mind their own beeswax and keeping your bees warm in winter | Columnists

Frames from our beehive are in the freezer and full of honey. I put them there a month ago. I thought I put the shallow box in there with the frames. Now the box is gone. I couldn’t remember stacking the frames like that.

You may be wondering why the frames are in the freezer.

Our Langstroth beehive has three boxes. They are open-ended so that, when stacked on top of each other, bees can crawl from the bottom to the top. The bottom one is a deep box where the queen lays eggs. The one in the middle is deep and filled with honey. The box on top is shallow. It is shorter than the deep ones and also filled with honey.

Honey bee frame only closeup

Bees produce honeycomb with glands along their abdomen and use it to build the hexagon-shaped cells. The shape isn’t an accident. A hexagon is structurally sound and the most efficient use of space. Bees are little engineers. These cells are where honey is stored and capped. It’s also where the queen will lay her eggs. Tony Bertauski/provided

When bees collect nectar, it is converted into honey and stored in the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb.

Our bee

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