With kids back to class, brush up on these six gardening terms to add to your horticulture vocabulary

With Winter Break behind us and kids back in school — in person or online — it seems appropriate to explore some gardening terms, stories and maybe a little history. Feel free to study and, since there won’t be an exam, you will all get As.

Horticulture: The agriculture of plants, whether for food, material, decoration or comfort. That includes nearly everything that grows above and below ground, so I am wondering why we need the next word.

Floriculture: Simply the flowers of flowering plants. Most are used for ornamental reasons and not necessarily to eat. Hence the difference from horticulture, I would assume.

Slow Gardening: I like the sound of this, as when age and aches creep up, permission to take it easy is nice. That isn’t actually what it means, though the premise is to be patient with plants and with your abilities to grow them and to enjoy your garden rather than being a slave to it. Choose plants that do not need a lot of care. Plant flowering plants in your yard to reduce mowing. Skip the power tools and enjoy getting your hands in the dirt.

Companion Planting: This isn’t new, but certainly something

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