Home Depot in Easton? Town asked to revise plan to host another ‘home improvement’ store | Local

EASTON — The town council will hear a request on Jan. 19 from a local property owner who wants to revise zoning text through an amendment to allow for the possibility of building a home improvement store east of U.S. Route 50 in Easton. The proposal would allow for a standalone, big-box home improvement store larger than 65,000 square feet.

The application is stirring up talk of a potential hew Home Depot store in Easton. In November, the town planning commission voted unanimously against the amendment.

Under the town of Easton’s current regulations, no major retail store larger than 65,000 square feet is allowed to be built outside of a shopping center. It must be within or adjacent to an existing shopping center.

The Gannon Family Limited Partnership, which owns property along U.S. Route 50 and leases land to companies such as Chipotle, Olive Garden and Tractor Supply Co., wants to change that.

Zach Smith, an attorney representing the Gannon Family, requested the change from the town at the end of October. He wrote a letter to the town planner dated Oct. 30 that his client was approached by a developer with interest in “proposing a new home improvement center

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