Ideas offered on new use of North Little Rock’s Ole Main building

A task force has presented the North Little Rock School Board with a plan to turn the vacant Ole Main High School building into a place that would house the school district’s central office and provide a home to various programs from around the city.

School Board members on Thursday discussed ways to prioritize a facilities-project list that could take advantage of projected savings from bond refinancing.

“The potential project list are just things we have discussed in the past,” said Brian Brown, chief financial officer for the school district. “We have looked into these projects and got estimates on what those things may cost.”

One of the projects was a complete renovation of the Ole Main building. The estimated cost for renovating the old high school into an office complex was $11,418,570.

Created in 2019, the Ole Main Task Force has spent the past year gathering community input to create a list of recommendations on ways to preserve Ole Main, which was built in 1928 but has stood empty since May 2016.

The proximity of the vacant building to North Little Rock’s current high school at 101 W. 22nd St. limits what can be done with the building. Officials

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15 Smart and Sophisticated Kitchen Storage Ideas for your Home

It’s not how much space you have for storage in your kitchen; it’s how you cleverly design it that makes the kitchen smart and chic. Designing a kitchen is not rocket science. After all, how difficult is it to build kitchen storage with drawers, cabinets, pantry, and gadget garage? Ask our professional kitchen planners who successfully design the perfect kitchen storage, keeping in mind the minute details of comfort and envisioning it to make the kitchen look stylish. Let’s take a tour of these kitchen storage ideas to get inspired for your home.

1. Elegantly modern

1.  Elegantly modern

© homify / Norm designhaus
1. Elegantly modern

The open kitchen’s elegance gets enhanced by the modern cabinetry that matches the shade of the kitchen island’s engineered stone and the backsplash. It merges with the décor. It is complemented by the dark walnut colored long pantry door on the side and the shine of glass doors on the wall cabinet.

2. One-walled modern kitchen storage

a dining room table: 2.  One-walled modern kitchen storage

© homify / Signature Kitchen
2. One-walled modern kitchen storage

The one-wall kitchen with wall and floor cabinet creates sufficient storage. The handle-free wooden wall cabinet and long horizontal steel handle for the floor cabinet do cleaning and handling

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This Bright Kitchen Remodel Is Full of Cost-Saving Ideas (But You Won’t Be Able to Tell)

The inspiration: “I have an interest in durability and things that get better with age,” Ben explains. “Everything gets a bit marked or damaged, but that just adds character. I like things that are quite matte in finish, with a tactile sense and a natural utility to them.”

Square footage: 13 square meters (approximately 140 square feet)

Budget: £9,000 (approximately $12,350)

Ben can expand the antique table and reposition the swagged pendant to accommodate guests while entertaining.


Main ingredients

Countertops: Green concrete made with Lanxess dye. “It feels like it could be the color of copper when it goes green,” Ben imagines. “We used a very light touch treatment, which will allow it to patina and stain.”

Cabinets: Custom tri-ply oak fronts with a mix of original and new standard bases

Hardware: Schoolhouse Mid Century Knobs in Natural Brass

Backsplash: Villeroy & Boch matte gray tiles with brass rods and oak floating shelves. “I quite like the idea of adaptability,” says Ben. “You can play around and change it and create a display.”

Faucet: Dornbracht Tara Wall-Mounted Three-Hole Kitchen Mixer in white. “The tap is quite an unusual shape,” Ben says. “It looks like it’s from a

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Kitchen Pendant Light Ideas | Home Guides

Kitchen spaces often require lighting solutions that are highly functional. Whether homeowners are gourmet or novice cooks, the kitchen remains a room that needs many different types of light fixtures to illuminate properly. Pendant lighting can add task lighting to kitchen work zones or light the entire room. There are many types of fixtures, so the kitchen decor is easily enhanced as well. Whether pendants are hung in groupings above an island or attached to a central spot on a high ceiling, they provide abundant light and decorative style for any kitchen.

Island Zone

Hang pendant lights above a kitchen island to provide task light to the most functional part of any kitchen space. Keep the kitchen scale in mind when selecting the fixtures to create a harmonious design. Choose three smaller fixtures, spaced evenly to span the length of the island, or select two larger styles, hung to fill the area above the island as well. Attach them low enough that the bulbs do not glare and high enough that they are not in the way. Glass shades provide the most light, which makes them the appropriate choice for islands. Choose styles that enhance the decor of the kitchen

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Modern Ideas for a Kitchen Nook Area | Home Guides

A kitchen nook is a small space in or near a kitchen separated from the appliances, cupboards, pantry and countertops. Many use kitchen nooks to create small, intimate breakfast areas or small lounge areas. Most kitchen nooks are designed to replace kitchen eating areas, but some are used in conjunction with larger kitchen dining spaces. There are many ways to create a kitchen nook so it provides a warm and friendly meeting spot.

Intimate Dining Area

Create a small, chummy eating area suitable for two to four people. Opt for a small glass or wooden round table because it’s more intimate than square or rectangular styles. Select individual, padded chairs so you and your family can comfortably scoot back from the table to read the newspaper, use electronic tablets or work on handheld crafts. Modern nook styles are often minimalistic, so choose simple wall art, nominal window treatments and basic table decorations so the focus is on intimate discussions and window gazing at the beautiful outdoors.

Reading Room

Design a modern kitchen nook that’s geared toward reading and relaxing. Select two oversized, padded lounge chairs and place them side by side, facing toward one another or at a slight inward-facing

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Kitchen Decorating Ideas Using Wainscoat on Walls | Home Guides

Installing wooden panels or wooden boards on the bottom third of a wall adds texture and visual interest to a room. Such panels, or wainscoting, also protect walls from dings and scratches that are caused by table chairs or furniture bumping against the wall. Decorating a kitchen with wainscot is a rewarding home improvement project because the wooden texture makes the room feel warm and inviting and provides a rustic, country, cottage or colonial theme to work with.

Color Variations

A cheerful way to decorate and combine colors in your kitchen is to paint wainscoting a different color from the rest of your walls. You might paint your wainscoting a slightly darker shade than your upper walls to create depth and creativity in the space. For example, you might paint the wainscot a deep Wedgewood blue and paint the top section of the walls a lighter gray-blue. You can also contrast wainscoting with your walls by painting them bright white and painting your upper walls a color that coordinates with your kitchen motif, such as beige, golden yellow, light brown, soft gray, cherry red or sage green.

Rustic Texture

Because wainscoting is made of wood paneling or wood boards, it

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Country Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 11 Foot Ceilings | Home Guides

Give your current kitchen a farm-fresh decorating boost by outfitting it with simple country-inspired decor. Even though 11-foot ceilings can present an additional remodeling challenge, you can use their soaring height to your decorating advantage when designing a new layout for your country-style kitchen. Whether you want to make only a few cosmetic updates or you’re planning a complete makeover, create a kitchen to suit your love for the country, as well as the available space.

Color Me Beautiful

Country-style kitchens and white-painted cabinets go hand in hand. Add a distressed, weathered finish and black wrought-iron hardware to your white kitchen cabinets for an authentic old farmhouse feel. Apply similar white paint to the walls and 11-foot ceilings to magnify the open, airy ambiance. Or, install embossed tin panels over the tall ceilings to draw your eyes upward with country-inspired visual interest. If you prefer a hint of color, choose a light, cheery paint color, such as creamy ivory, pale yellow or soft sage green to the walls for a country-fresh, bright kitchen. Give the illusion of lower ceilings and a cozier space by painting the ceiling two or three shades lighter than the wall color.

Reach for the Top

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Kitchen Design Ideas Using White Cabinets | Home Guides

As a neutral shade, white is one of the most versatile decorating colors that you can choose — which makes it an ideal choice for your kitchen cabinets. With white cabinetry, you can create a variety of kitchen designs that run the gamut from vintage-inspired and casual to contemporary and formal. The key is surrounding the cabinets with other colors and accent pieces that help give them just the right look.

Country Style

White cabinets provide the backdrop for a charming country kitchen. Choose an earthy, muted color for the walls like gold, blue gray, tan or sage to complement the white cabinetry, and select a rustic material like wooden butcher block or textured stone for the countertops. You can give the design an air of authenticity with a farmhouse sink and vintage-style faucet, while a beadboard backsplash painted white to match the cabinets can give the space a quaint country cottage feel. When it comes to window treatments, towels and throw rugs, opt for country-inspired patterns like gingham or plaid. If you want a French country look, toile is also an attractive option.

Modern Flair

White cabinetry can also serve as the foundation for a striking modern kitchen. Contemporary

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Best Fireplace Decor Ideas

a fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace: Fireplace Decor 121237518 180077863680987 197223763505901506 N

© Courtesy of @bykristinalynne
Fireplace Decor 121237518 180077863680987 197223763505901506 N

Ditch the Mantle

Floor to ceiling tile, and no distracting mantle, makes this fireplace by @bykristinalynne a showstopping stunner. If tile isn’t an option, try painting your fireplace wall all black for a similar high impact look. To balance out the modern choices, add warm elements like the vintage cabinet and stacked firewood.

a fire place sitting in a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace: Fireplace Decor 135031711 684650538909972 1033742448850662650 N

© Courtesy of @oakstonehomesiowa
Fireplace Decor 135031711 684650538909972 1033742448850662650 N

Over-Grouted Stone

Home builder @oakstonehomesiowa says this beautiful stone fireplace was their most asked-about project last year. This particular stone is a custom mix created with three types of manufactured stones and white over-grout.

Over-grouting is a technique that involves a heavy grout line that is even with, or actually extends beyond, the stone face, instead of the more traditional recessed grout line. This technique gives the stone a gorgeously soft, old-world finish.

a fire place sitting in a chair next to a fireplace: Fireplace Decor 119185478 366048387899440 4496503578940896277 N

© Courtesy of @thecozyfarmhouse
Fireplace Decor 119185478 366048387899440 4496503578940896277 N

Go Faux

Lamenting that you don’t have a fireplace to decorate? Go faux! @thecozyfarmhouse created this faux fireplace with an antique mantle mounted to the wall. Wood slices glued to plywood gives the illusion of stacked wood inside. A simple mirror

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4 Kitchen Decor Ideas To Help Enhance Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is an exciting project. Whether you’re looking to create an open floor plan to expand a small kitchen or hoping to create a more modern kitchen design, there are four kitchen decor ideas you need to consider before getting started.

An average kitchen remodel in the United States is $23,000, meaning a kitchen renovation project should not be taken lightly. Creating a cohesive and functional design that suits your style and home is critical. Take a look at these kitchen decor ideas that cover everything from picking paint colors to adding those finishing touches to help you create the beautiful kitchen of your dreams.

1. Pick a theme

Choosing a kitchen decorating theme that fits your personal style will bring you joy every time you use it. Changing out the overall look or feel of your kitchen can be achieved by selecting a theme that showcases your unique style while still flowing with the overall design of your home.

Establishing a focal point in the kitchen design is a great place to start. This will set the precedent for all your other kitchen decorating selections. Depending on your style, it could be an eye-catching patterned wallpaper on

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