8 essential kitchen layout tips from design experts you should never ignore

When starting a kitchen project, layout and formation options can be seemingly endless. Practicality is key, and the shape you choose should be aesthetically pleasing as well enhancing your lifestyle. Thankfully, we have a host of kitchen layout tips from expert designers to help you realize your vision.

a dining room table: kitchen layout tips

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kitchen layout tips

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The first step is to think carefully about how you move within the space and how you see your family using the room in the future – and this is where the well-known kitchen work triangle comes into play.

‘The “work triangle” is the common sense principle that a kitchen plan revolves around the location of the sink, cooker and fridge and that the kitchen plan should be based on the most efficient workflow using these elements,’ says Adrian Bergman, Senior Designer at British Standard by Plain English

‘This is, of course true, especially in a busy kitchen but there can be other considerations such as aesthetics, and respect for the architecture of a room, so there are occasions where we might stretch the layout rules to achieve a

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