The indoor gardening trend that is surging in popularity on Instagram

Indoor gardens were one of the hottest trends of 2020, and the trend shows no signs of subsiding in popularity in the new year. While gardening in general provided many people a respite from the Covid lockdown last spring, with thousands of people flocking to garden centre as soon as they reopened in May, not everyone has the luxury of outdoor space. 

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Which is not to say that people without a garden didn’t make the most of the space they do have – indoors. According to McQueens Flowers,  one of the top Instagram interior trends for 2020 was ‘Indoor Garden’ – growing 52{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} in 2020 from 2019. 

It’s no wonder. Indoor gardens are a joy to look at on Instagram. Houseplant-proud Instagrammers have been posting increasingly elaborate and impressive collections of the best indoor plants. 

Detroit-based plant lover Carla Baxter has been posting amazing images of her indoor garden, which has transformed her apartment into a tropical paradise. The key to the success of this indoor garden is the combination of large, specimen tropical plants with smaller, younger plants. The effect is very natural, almost like a real rainforest, or perhaps a well-maintained

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Indoor Gardening: Fruit Trees, Kitchen Herbs, Beans and Sprouts

At two weeks of regrowth, there may be snow outside, but there are free onions growing inside. Photos by Jo deVries

A New Year begins, but as we look outside, nothing much has changed. Here in eastern Ontario, Canada, we are usually confined to a deep freeze for the next two months. The only thing that’s new is the latest dumping of snow. Our hearts yearn to work once again in the gardens, which are presently sleeping under a hard, frozen crust. We anxiously await the latest seed catalogues and magazines, ready to bury ourselves in our favorite chair with a hot cup of tea the moment they arrive.

It’s important to keep our spirits up — and keeping our houses looking and feeling fresh is a good start. If our surroundings are stagnant, we will not be operating at our full potential. Remember to throw open the windows for a short period of time every couple of days to circulate the air in your house. Fresh air and a connection to nature does wonders for the soul!

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Indoor planters: Bring the outside in with these ceramic planters for your houseplants | Most Searched Products

All indoor plants only require a container with a drainage hole and enough room for their roots to flourish — so, they’re more than easy to be moved around and replace with brand new planters. If you are looking for a brand new planter for your indoor plant, consider ceramic planters. The best ceramic planter will add colourful detail to your indoor garden and also provide a durable space for greenery to thrive. Ceramic planters are made from finely textured, light-coloured clay and then glazed. These containers are fired at a high kiln temperature, which reduces the pot’s porousness and vulnerability to the elements. Their natural construction and look add a wonderful detail the greenery planted in them. Ceramic planters in a smaller size are also great for tabletops, shelves and window panes. Check out the best ceramic planters you can buy online:

Spruce up your living space with this beautiful magnetic hydroponic planter. This mini ceramic planter is handpainted and can accommodate plants like Pothos, Philodendron, Syngonium, Aglaonema, Monstera, Lucky bamboo, Spider plant and more.

The ceramic planter measures 17.5 by 4.6 by 17.5 cm.

Ideal for indoor, outdoor and balcony gardens, these ceramic planters are designed with a

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This vertical garden device makes indoor gardening possible

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This vertical garden device makes indoor gardening possible

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From exercise bikes to home cooking, at-home activities have enjoyed a boost in popularity this past year—and indoor gardening is the latest to follow the trend.

Gardyn, an innovative AI-based device that makes it easy to start an indoor garden in your home, is debuting at CES 2021. The Gardyn system promises to change the way people grow their vegetables indoors with its sleek design and app-based AI helper, Kelby the virtual Gardyner.

What is Gardyn?

In a nutshell, Gardyn is an indoor gardening device that helps you grow fresh produce without any expertise. It comes with a base and three columns, into which you can pop in the seed pods, called “yCubes.” The base houses a six-gallon water reservoir and a pump that brings water to the seeds in the yCubes. To solve the potential sunlight limitations of indoor growing, there are two poles sticking out from the base with LED grow lights that generate simulated sunlight to aid the plants’ growth.

How does Gardyn work?


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Get growing: How to start indoor gardening | Entertainment

Limited social gatherings and events due to the pandemic now coupled with cold weather, have left us with more time than ever spent at home and indoors. You might be dreaming of summer days and time spent in the yard, but you don’t need a garden patch to be able to grow flowers, vegetables or herbs. Here’s how you can start gardening indoors and growing all year long.

‘Fresh herbs at your fingertips’

While one benefit of indoor plants is the brightness they can add to a space, some can yield tasty results, too.

Herbs can be effortless plants to grow indoors during the colder months.

Rosemary, thyme and basil, are all good options to grow indoors, but instead of starting with a seed, you may want to pick up a plant of these herbs to add to your garden. While it is possible to start from a seed, an indoor environment doesn’t provide the best conditions for herb growth, local Master Gardener Sarah Buechel said.

If you’d like to begin your garden with seeds, an herb like chives would grow best, she added.

“If you have the center of your kitchen island or table and it’s got beautiful midday

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Terrarium a great way to add plants to indoor landscape

If you are feeling the winter doldrums this year even more than before, you are not alone. With the holidays behind us and the pandemic still with us, it’s not easy staying upbeat.

a man sitting in front of a window: Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

But there are simple ways to help boost your spirits, such as by adding eye-catching plants to an indoor space to provide a little extra comfort.

Consider building a terrarium: Many different sizes and types of containers can be used, from an old pickle jar you might have in the basement to a vintage vase or antique container. Really, any clear glass or plastic vessel will work, as long as it has an opening wide enough to accommodate your hand.

You can even choose containers that match the decor of the room you wish to spruce up, and then complete the terrarium with small accent pieces or even heirloom items that will complement the decor as well.

Design features of terrariums can complement the decor of any room in the house.

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Design features of terrariums can complement the decor of any room in the house.

Making your own terrarium is easy and can be a great indoor-gardening activity for all family members, with each person choosing the type of container, plants and decorative items

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