How to inject 2021 interior design trends into your home

MANILA, Philippines — It’s all about comfort and sustainability for this year’s interior design trends.

Interior designers and trend forecasters all agree that homes for this year and, most probably beyond, will underscore these two elements due mainly to the pandemic. 

Less mass-produced, more hand-me-downs

In a “Vogue” article dated January 8 titled “Interior Design Trends to Know in 2021 —And What’s on Its Way Out,” comfort and sustainability were stressed. 

It enumerated what “comfy” looks like. “Think plushy, sink-into furniture, chestnut woods, warm colors, overflowing bookshelves (but not the color-coordinated kind, rather, ones stocked with tattered covers of novels you’ve read and loved).

“Less mass-produced furniture and more reworking of passed-down family pieces or ones you already own,” the article read. 

Industrial, Scandinavian/Sleek Modern

The trend leans toward Scandinavian/Sleek Modern, which uses lighter wood and gears toward function for compact spaces. Industrial style, which mixes wood, leather, and metal, as well as rustic and simple silhouettes, are also going to be seen in many homes. Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo‘s interview with Our Home interior design team churned out the same ideas.

“Because this pandemic, more people are focusing on their homes but also they want a lighter

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