Theory Design completes installation at remodeled residence at Quail West

Theory Design has completed the installation of its interior design at a totally remodeled 6,000 square-foot, two story grand estate residence at Quail West. Theory Design reimagined the spaces throughout the home and created an on-trend open-concept living environment.  The project also entailed extensive exterior enhancements, including a new driveway, new landscaping, new landscaping lighting, a new roof, and a new exterior pool deck, including new waterline tile in the pool, installation of new pool equipment, and a re-designed outdoor kitchen area.

Inside, Theory Design created a new feature wall in the great room to replace what was originally an outdated precast concrete fireplace that extended to the ceiling.  The new fireplace is outlined in black stone and features new, on-trend trim cladding that soars all the way to the ceiling.  A new sound system is now featured on the home’s first floor, including a subwoofer that is hidden in the ceiling of the adjoining great room and kitchen.  In the kitchen, new countertops, new cabinetry, a wet bar, and two wine refrigerators have transformed the space into an appealing gathering place while entertaining.

The entire residence was repainted, including the interior doors that were enhanced with new door hardware. 

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This week a pink seesaw installation on the US-Mexico border was named Design of the Year

a group of people on a beach: Pink seesaw installation on the US-Mexico border

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Pink seesaw installation on the US-Mexico border

This week on Dezeen, an installation of three pink seesaws that allow children to play across the border won the Design Museum’s Design of the Year award.

Named the Teeter-Totter Wall, the pink seesaws were designed by architecture studio Rael San Fratello to connect children on both sides of the border wall.

“We are living in a time when people are longing for meaningful connections and we would like to think the teeter-totter can be an example for how we come together, to create balance and equality,” Virginia San Fratello told Dezeen.

The award was announced in the same week that Donald Trump, who highly politicised the border wall, left office and Joe Biden was sworn in as US president.

a canyon with a mountain in the background: Saudi Arabia announces plans for a 100-mile, car-free linear city called The Line

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Saudi Arabia announces plans for a 100-mile, car-free linear city called The Line

In Saudi Arabia, crown prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled plans for a 100-mile long city that will have no cars or streets.

In response to the design, a commenter wrote “only a train would think that’s a cool city layout”.

a close up of a hillside next to a tree: Sou Fujimoto's House of Hungarian Music nearing completion in Budapest

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Sou Fujimoto’s

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