BWW Interview: Designer Neil Patel

BWW Interview: Designer Neil Patel - So Deftly Versatile from Dickinson to KITCHEN & More

Neil Patel, the ever-busy production designer of AppleTV+’s hit period comedy Dickinson, always finds time to design a little (or large) theatre set. Ever in demand, Neil has shared this creative talents in venues all over the world, including those in Mumbai, Tokyo, London and Venice.

Neil took a break from his Dickinson designing to answer a few of my queries.

Thank you taking the time for this interview, Neil!

Before getting down to my questions, would you clarify the terminology of ‘set designer’ vs. ‘scenic designer’ vs. ‘production designer’? I’ve seen all terms listed in theatrical programs, as well as, in ending film credits. Do you wear all these hats?

Set or scenic designer is the title given for theater and opera, and I really don’t think there is a difference, just a preference sometimes by the producing entity or the designer. Production Designer is specific to film and television. The production designer is responsible for the whole look of the film, and since the scale of the job is so much larger, they would supervise a whole team including art directors, set designers, location managers, graphic designers, set decorators etc. Creatively it is similar, but the

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Actress Jillian Clare talks cooking and baking (Includes interview)

She is drawn to cooking and baking for a variety of reasons. “I’m not sure what it is exactly, but baking just totally relaxes me. I’m a big type A personality and I like that baking is precise. Everything needs to be measured out to just the right amount or the whole bake will be off,” she said.

“I bake a lot of bread and most of my recipes come from Bonnie Ohara’s bread book,” she said. “She’s an incredible bread maker and I love her recipes. I have also been obsessed with 6” cakes recently and trying out different designs. My neighbors are loving the free sweets.”


Regarding her inspirations to cook and bake in the kitchen, she said, “A lot of my cake inspiration comes from Instagram. There are a few accounts I’m obsessed with – @cakedbykatie, @bakingwithblondie and @ennahs.cakes have been my favorites recently. Their work is incredible and watching them try new designs is always inspiring to me. When I make bread, I usually do it on days I know we’re making something fun for dinner. If it’s a pasta night, I’ll start my dough early to make a good focaccia. I’ll also make bread if

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