Celeb Interior Designer Megan Weaver Reveals Leonardo DiCaprio’s Home Used to Be Decorated with ‘Titanic’ Items

Bravo’s Flipping Out star and celebrity interior designer Megan Weaver says she one time stayed in Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Malibu beach house and made a huge reveal about the space.

Megan says she once worked for the superstar and his mom actually let her stay at the home.

“When I was working for Leo…his mom let me, his mom was so sweet. Irmelin… let me stay at his beach house in Malibu for a weekend. I was dating somebody who was living in Canada, having a long distance relationship, and he came to town and they let me have the beach house and I didn’t tell him where we were going,” she said during her podcast appearance on Behind The Velvet Rope with David Yontef.

She continued, “And we walked in and you walk into this beach house and everything was Titanic, Titanic towels, Titanic poster, Titanic, you know, everywhere. And so he did look at me and he was like, is this Leo‘s house? Yes. That’s Leo‘s house. So that was, that was pretty amazing.”

She added, “I don’t think that’s something he would do now, but back then, and again, this was

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Items Chefs Cherishes In Their Kitchens

Every professional has the tools that they hold dear, and chefs are in no way different. They, too, have a selection of items that they must have in their work stations at all times. Sure, there are several kinds of chefs, but there are those few things that each must-have. We will cover some of these things as materials used for ingredient preparation, cooking, or part of the food.

Do you want to find out more about what we are talking about? Keep reading.

A set of knives

As a gun is to a policeman, knives are to a chef as they are their most treasured tool. A full set of knives goes beyond your typical bread and serrated knife but includes a paring blade and a steak knife, among many more. A chef becomes more efficient with such a set since there is a knife for every purpose instead of washing and using the same knife repeatedly.

But having a set of knives comes with the need of getting a few extra kitchen accessories, namely a strong magnetic knife holder, a knife sharpener, and a bag to carry the knives. The knife holder is an accessory mounted

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An interior designer shares 9 of the best home-decor items to get at Costco

Cheyenne LentzJan 4, 2021, 20:52 IST

An interior designer shares 9 of the best home-decor items to get at Costco
  • Insider asked interior designer Michelle Harrison-McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design to share what home-decor items she would buy from Costco right now.
  • The pro also said that the Samsung Frame Series TV is the most visually-stunning TV on the market because it displays artwork when not in use.
  • She also picked out a blue and white lamp and handy wire rack from the retailer.

Costco is known for offering discounts on large-quantity items, but many may not know that this retailer also has a number of home-decor pieces.

To learn more, Insider asked interior designer Michelle Harrison-McAllister of Michelle Harrison Design about the things she would recommend buying from Costco. Read on to see what she said.

Organize your garage with Costco’s wire shelving rack.

Organize your garage with Costco's wire shelving rack.

The rack can be used in a garage.


Organizing and editing a garage or large space can make a big difference when you have storage shelves on wheels such as this wire shelving rack from Costco, according to Harrison-McAllister.


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Shop Wedgewood Blue Home Decor Items Inspired by Bridgerton

Between the steamy romance scenes and whimsical ballroom dances on Bridgerton, you may have noticed an iconic color appear throughout the hit Netflix show — Wedgewood Blue. This pretty pale color is popularized from English Jasperware stoneware developed in the 18th century, which is when Bridgerton takes place. It stands out in every episode and is considered the signature color for all the established members of the Bridgerton family, which was an intentional decision from behind the scenes. Production designer Will Hughes-Jones told Town & Country how the show’s historic and rich family became synonymous with this soft, creamy blue. “The Bridgerton house for me is like being inside a piece of Wedgwood ceramic. It’s that beautiful, beautiful soft blue and lots of creams,” he said. It makes sense given how the color appears on everything from furniture to curtains to cast members in nearly every scene.

If the show has inspired you to incorporate Wedgewood Blue into your home, there’s no shortage of decor in this shade to choose from. There’s basic dinnerware, carpets, bedding, and lots more options sold in this particular British style. Transform your home into the set of Bridgerton with these 15

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Home Decor tips: 5 decor items for creating an entryway that impresses onlookers | Most Searched Products

An entryway sets the tone for the entire home and often occupies minimal space- which means a renovation can be executed relatively quickly and economically. Give your entryway a facelift with minimal accessories and home decor tips and tools that serve a function while looking aesthetic. An entryway is the last thing to you see before you head out so a mirror would be very beneficial as an accessory. Seating that combines storage space is another great addition to the entryway one can keep all the necessary items that need quick access at one place. Check out our recommendations of products that will help you create an eye-pleasing entryway:

Add a punch of colour to the wall next to the doorway with a wall sticker. This nature-inspired wallpaper will liven up your walls and make it attractive. This wall sticker is available for
just Rs 129 on Amazon.

Make your entryway more than just a weird corner with a relaxed landing pad with storage, like this wooden bench with storage underneath.
This bench is crafted from Sheesham wood and will easily seat two people.

Beyond being practical, a mirror doubles up as a piece of decor that can dress up

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Bingeing ‘Bridgerton’? Bring It Home With These 8 Beautifully Bougie Decor Items

“All is fair in love and decor,” or so we keep telling ourselves, in our best Lady Whistledown voice. If you’re one of those—like this author—who mainlined Shonda Rhimes‘ new Netflix series, “Bridgerton,” chronicling the steamy love lives of a group of siblings in an alternate-universe Regency England (it’s now the streaming service’s fifth most-watched original series), you may be fantasizing about decking out your home in the show’s extravagant patterns and rich colors.

Well, while your chances of landing a duke may be farfetched, you can certainly pull off some of the show’s lush looks in a way that’s worthy of a Whistledown write-up.

Inspired by top designers (also fellow fans), here’s our list of eight absolute must-haves to make your space as swoon-worthy as a 19th-century London home—in Shondaland.

1. Sophisticated door knocker

Bridgerton decor
Bumblebee door knocker


It all starts at the front door, dear reader—which is why having a statement piece for your entryway is key.

“A fancy door knocker and a bright, modern door let guests know they are in for a sumptuous treat when being invited inside,” says Barri Branker of Beyond the Box Interiors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make

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