Creative Design and Build Inc. Suggest Five Best Kitchen Remodel Layouts to Consider | Jan 29, 2021

San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 01/29/2021 — Creative Design and Build Inc., the professional contractor in San Diego is pleased to share information on top five kitchen remodel layouts that may be considered for an upcoming kitchen remodeling project. Gone are the days where kitchens used to have a standard layout which separates the countertop from sink and other appliances. Today, it is all about making it functional with effective utilization of space backed by intelligent storage and design elements. The top five layouts according to Creative Design and Build Inc. are the One-Wall kitchens most popular in studio apartments followed by Galley kitchens to make use of slightly larger space. The L-shaped kitchens are for those who cannot do without cabinets followed by U-Shaped kitchens for roomy kitchens. Last but not the least the kitchen islands is for people who need a larger work space especially for bakers and those who spend more time in the kitchen. These contractors can also offer customized kitchen remodeling in San Diego as per their customers’ needs.

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About Creative Design and Build Inc.
Creative Design and Build Inc. is a reputed contractor

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Winteriors Decor LLC Is the Best Interior Design Company in UAE | Jan 24, 2021

Abu Dhabi, UAE — (SBWIRE) — 01/24/2021 — Winteriors Decor LLC is based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is an interior designing company consisting of innovative and well-experienced professionals to help design office spaces. The company has worked with the United Arab Emirates’ top brands and is easily recognized as one of the best interior design companies. They have set standard trends for other companies to follow and be inspired from. Winteriors Decor LLC provides individuality with their work, making them stand out from the rest of the crowd. They are adamant in providing exceptional services to their clients, helping them design their workspaces according to their desires. Winteriors Decor LLC strives to offer versatility to meet a diverse working environment and present a friendly atmosphere.

A spokesperson of Winteriors Decor LLC recently reached out and stated, “At Winteriors Decor LLC, we are always trying to do our best. We are perfectionists, and we stop at nothing to achieve the best results for our clients. Our work is prevalent, and it is the result of collective hard work by the company. In the process, we have managed to grow a large and impressive portfolio, including Oracle, Samsung, Cofley Besix,

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Worcester County real estate transfers, Sunday, Jan. 24


a sign in front of a house: Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.

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Red Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of House.

$575,000, 69 Russell Hill Rd, Jacques P Marchetti LT, and Natola, Jill A, to Poza, Ricardo, and Simmons-Poza, Brett.

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$285,000, 80 Stodge Meadow Rd, Wallace, George A, to Wallace, Elizabeth, and Wallace, Christopher.

$220,000, 40 Watatic Pond Rd, Turning Pt Invs LLC, to Smith, Lynda.

$43,000, Wagg Hill Rd, Macgregor, Casey J, and Macgregor, Brady C, to Mcdonald, Benjamin, and Mcdonald, Brianna.


$625,000, 40 South Rd, Art, Adam D, and Art, Sunny, to Villamora T, and Urbina, Alicia F.

$419,900, 165 Heywood Rd, Barkley Enterprises LLC, to Burke, Colleen A.

$370,000, 3 Pillsbury Rd, Seymour, Timothy W, to Guzman, Rudy A.

$370,000, Rindge State Rd, Seymour, Timothy W, to Guzman, Rudy A.

$85,000, Heywood Rd, Ashwood Realty LLC, to Smith, Michael.


$6,000,000, 416 Main St, Pequoig House LLC, to 416 Main Street LLC.

$332,500, 152 Miles Rd, Stewart, Jeffrey T, and Stewart, Kimberly D, to Emco, Michael E.

$277,500, 44 Ridge Rd, Sundstrom, Paul R, to Rabaza, Claudia M.

$215,000, 49 Anzio Rd, Mercauto, Jeremy L, and Mercauto, Christine A, to Provencal, Alexi.

$205,000, 25 Adams Dr, Feyrer, Ryan H, and Feyrer, Rochelle,

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Carnegie, South Fayette area real estate transactions for the week of Jan. 24


Lee Ann Femiani sold property at 651 Elm St. to Henry Anthony Rossi III for $223,000.


Della Pierce sold property at 531 Boquet St. to JAAS Renovations LLC for $65,000.

Todd Bush sold property at 441 Broadway St. Ext. to Remarkable Realty Services LLC for $60,500.

Lee Cabalik sold property at 414 Franklin Ave. to Brittany Nicole Bagnato for $213,000.

Donna Kazan White sold property at 14 Run St. to Nathan Presutti for $130,000.

AMD Construction & Development LLC sold property at 985 Wagner St. to Vandergrift Capital LLC for $84,600.


Stambrosky Homes Inc. sold property at Unknown Address to George Hnaras and Amanda Gregg for $145,000.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold property at 1074 Livorno Drive to Sam Elie Glover III and Sara Glover for $328,115.


Nicolella Holdings LLC sold property at 41 Maplewood Ave. to CYB Holdings LLC for $192,000.

Joanne Rupp sold property at 80 S Linwood Ave. to David and Cassie Hoedeman for $266,001.


Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency sold property at 77 Mahopac St. to Hawk Vesta LLC for $32,000.

Pennsbury Village


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Gardening initiative taking sign ups through Jan. 31 | News

WAYNE — Those interested in learning to garden or expanding on current gardening experience have until Jan. 31 to sign up for the Grow This West Virginia Gardening Challenge, a gardening initiative focusing on the Native American “three sisters” this year.

“The three sisters we have are corn, beans and squash, which are companion or can be companion plants,” said Kristin McCartney, a West Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program director and public health specialist. “So, you plant the corn, then the beans and the squash, and they start working together. Beans can use the corn to grow up, but the nutrients can also be complimentary so they can work together and help each other grow.”

This is the first year the gardening challenge has included a theme, but McCartney said the goal has always been to teach people about gardening and preserving their own produce.

She said while the initiative began to help get people more interested in gardening, it has become a good opportunity to teach participants about agriculture and sustainability.

Those interested in signing up to join the Grow This campaign can do so by filling out a short survey on the Grow This Facebook page and the

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