Shea McGee just shared a genius hack for keeping your kitchen organized

Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover host and Instagram star Shea McGee is full of interior design inspiration (#goals). But turns out, her tips and ideas go beyond just making your home look good — she’s all about hacks to help your create a neat and tidy space, too.  She recently shared a top tip for keeping your kitchen area clutter-free, and we are all ears.

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Shea recently published an interview with Neat Method on her website, which included the useful hack. It simply involves using a storage basket to house pantry supplies you buy for different meals each week. Anything that isn’t going in the fridge should be dropped into the basket when you get home from the store to make meal-prepping easy, and help maximize pantry storage.

When Shea asked Neat Method about the best way to store food that doesn’t need to go in the fridge, they said, ‘If it’s produce for meals to be made throughout the week, place it in a woven basket, for air circulation, and add it to your pantry.’

‘We frequently create ‘Dinner Prep’ baskets for client pantries. All the shelf-stable ingredients for the week’s dinners

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Shopping for a home and scared of COVID-19? Here’s how real-estate agents are keeping clients safe

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‘The Big Move’ is a MarketWatch column looking at real estate and work-life balance.

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Dear MarketWatch, 

I have been looking to buy a home these last few months, but am getting more and more worried about how to do so safely in the middle of a pandemic. Whenever I see a new place, I have to sign forms about COVID-19, such as if I have traveled anywhere, tested positive recently or know anyone who has. 

But my question — are there any responsibilities or rules Realtors must follow? What happens if a real-estate agent I meet tests positive for the virus… will he or she have to tell me? Do they have any timeframe until they must return to the workplace and start showing homes again? I’m sure there are policies around sanitizing and protective gear, and I have seen Realtors wearing masks and wiping down countertops, but I’d appreciate any guidance you have on how to best proceed in these unprecedented times.  



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Gardening: Making hive beetles mind their own beeswax and keeping your bees warm in winter | Columnists

Frames from our beehive are in the freezer and full of honey. I put them there a month ago. I thought I put the shallow box in there with the frames. Now the box is gone. I couldn’t remember stacking the frames like that.

You may be wondering why the frames are in the freezer.

Our Langstroth beehive has three boxes. They are open-ended so that, when stacked on top of each other, bees can crawl from the bottom to the top. The bottom one is a deep box where the queen lays eggs. The one in the middle is deep and filled with honey. The box on top is shallow. It is shorter than the deep ones and also filled with honey.

Honey bee frame only closeup

Bees produce honeycomb with glands along their abdomen and use it to build the hexagon-shaped cells. The shape isn’t an accident. A hexagon is structurally sound and the most efficient use of space. Bees are little engineers. These cells are where honey is stored and capped. It’s also where the queen will lay her eggs. Tony Bertauski/provided

When bees collect nectar, it is converted into honey and stored in the hexagonal cells of the honeycomb.

Our bee

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