Interior designer Kit Kemp shares her simple tip to revamp a lampshade

Until now, we hadn’t pictured world-renowned interior designer Kit Kemp attempting DIY, but her tip to revamp a lampshade has changed that – and our approach to finding new living room lighting ideas

a close up of a book shelf: Kit Kemp how to revamp a lampshade

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Kit Kemp how to revamp a lampshade

As part of her ‘creativity in isolation,’ series, Kit and her team have worked on a series of DIY projects. They are all designed to help add that signature Kit Kemp style to your home – without leaving your sofa. And this lampshade revamp tip, featured in Kit Kemp’s latest Design Threads project, will help brighten your home in just a few well-spent minutes.

In the project, she shares how to create a textured dappled lampshade with just a hole punch! So, if you’ve been wondering how to revamp an old lampshade, this is the interior designer tip you need to know about. 

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For the project, all you need is an old card lampshade – any color will work, but we are partial to a neutral shade. The key to the design is a single hole punch, but you will

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