Super Bowl Causes Soup Kitchen Wing Shortage

Masbia Soup Kitchen has relied on a consistent list of affordable products to feed the many New Yorkers who are facing food insecurity during the pandemic. But the charity network found itself taking on an unexpected challenge over the past week as one of its most important items was flying off the shelves because of the Super Bowl: chicken wings.

Alex Rapaport, director of Masbia, a kosher soup kitchen, said at first he didn’t know why there was trouble buying the kitchen’s usual order of wings from suppliers, but then realized it’s because of the big game.

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve relied on chicken wings to stretch our charity dollars and buy a lot of protein, but the last couple of weeks I was wondering ‘why is this such a problem?’ Then it hit me, oh it’s the Super Bowl, when everyone likes to munch on chicken wings, which is causing this shortage,” he said.

In past years, the Super Bowl never caused a supply issue for the local charity, but Rapaport, said that part of the issue is because there’s been a 500{ac967ad544075fb2f6bcea1234f8d91da186cac15e616dc329e302b7c7326b8c} increase in demand since the pandemic hit the city last March.

“We use chicken wings as

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Signature Kitchen Suite Unveils Industry-First Built-In Undercounter ‘Convertible Drawer’ Refrigerator

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Signature Kitchen Suite, the fresh brand at the forefront of innovation in the luxury kitchen appliance category, today announced a first-of-its-kind built-in undercounter convertible dual drawer refrigerator. Unique to this refrigerator are dual refrigerator drawers that operate independently and allow homeowners to select from multiple temperature zones depending on their needs, including a freezer option.

Designed for Technicureans™ – today’s forward-thinking home chefs – the undercounter refrigerator redefines food storage due to its impeccable precision for preservation. With unmatched flexibility, users can now store food under six temperature zones depending on their ever-changing needs: Pantry, Fridge, Bar, Seafood, Meat or Freezer settings. The refrigerator is designed to minimize temperature fluctuations and help keep food fresher and longer with flexibility from -7 to 50 degrees independently in each drawer. This smart appliance also delivers enhanced convenience for users with Wi-Fi capabilities that allow remote temperature monitoring and adjustment.

The new 24-inch built-in undercounter convertible dual drawer refrigerator will be available in the third quarter of 2021 and encompasses the following impressive features:

  • Dual Convertible Drawers: The only built-in
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25 Top-Rated Kitchen Products Under $25 Every Home Cook Should Own

And while these gadgets certainly do make a difference in the kitchen (and are arguably quite fun), there are other, more pressing products that you may ultimately rely on and use more regularly. If it’s these you’re after, Amazon boasts a slew of essential tools, appliances, knives, and cookware that will fundamentally alter the way you cook. 

Keep reading for 25 best-selling kitchen products on Amazon that every home cook should call their own—everything is $25 or less.  

Checkered Chef Cooling Racks for Baking

These stainless steel cooling racks are the perfect size for letting hot brownies rest. They’re small enough to insert into a sheet pan—to bake chicken wings or broil fish—and are designed with small crosswire spacing, so nothing falls through the cracks. 

“I should have bought these years ago,” one five-star reviewer says. “It’s amazing how often these racks get used around our kitchen. The great thing about them is that they’re two small racks instead of one large one, which increases their versatility from cookies and muffins to fried chicken.”

To buy: $12 (originally $20);

Amazon Basics Silicone Nonstick Food-Safe Baking Mat

There’s no need to waste parchment paper when you can pull out a

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Studio41’s kitchen and bathroom expertise helps Chicagoans reimagine their homes

Studio41 specializes in finding and creating solutions for any kitchen or bathroom design project, regardless of the size. For 25 years, they have pursued a singular mission: Creating spaces in Chicagoland homes that are well-designed, practical, trendy and fit Chicagoans’ day-to-day needs.

“We are a kitchen and bath showroom so we show plumbing fixtures, decorative hardware, tile and cabinetry,” says Studio41 Director of Marketing Hannah Byl.

“We have twelve different locations throughout the Chicago area and one in Scottsdale, Arizona.”

Due to COVID-19, this past year has been one of the busiest for these local showrooms.

Byl explains, “People are staying home now more than ever and investing money into their homes instead of traveling or going out to eat. I think the pandemic has also directly played into one of our biggest trends right now, smart technology. We are seeing smart technology being incorporated more and more into different kitchen and bathroom fixtures.”

For example, touchless faucets with integrated pushless technology and voice-activated features are currently very popular in kitchens. Smart showers controlled through smartphone apps designed to adjust water temperature are also on the rise, along with Bluetooth-powered mirrors and medicine cabinets that can adjust your lighting. Smart

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15 Smart and Sophisticated Kitchen Storage Ideas for your Home

It’s not how much space you have for storage in your kitchen; it’s how you cleverly design it that makes the kitchen smart and chic. Designing a kitchen is not rocket science. After all, how difficult is it to build kitchen storage with drawers, cabinets, pantry, and gadget garage? Ask our professional kitchen planners who successfully design the perfect kitchen storage, keeping in mind the minute details of comfort and envisioning it to make the kitchen look stylish. Let’s take a tour of these kitchen storage ideas to get inspired for your home.

1. Elegantly modern

1.  Elegantly modern

© homify / Norm designhaus
1. Elegantly modern

The open kitchen’s elegance gets enhanced by the modern cabinetry that matches the shade of the kitchen island’s engineered stone and the backsplash. It merges with the décor. It is complemented by the dark walnut colored long pantry door on the side and the shine of glass doors on the wall cabinet.

2. One-walled modern kitchen storage

a dining room table: 2.  One-walled modern kitchen storage

© homify / Signature Kitchen
2. One-walled modern kitchen storage

The one-wall kitchen with wall and floor cabinet creates sufficient storage. The handle-free wooden wall cabinet and long horizontal steel handle for the floor cabinet do cleaning and handling

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This Kitchen Feature Revolutionized Cleanup for a Family of 4

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This week on Domino, we’re celebrating the heart—and workhorse—of the home: the kitchen. From up-and-coming cabinet styles to top-selling paints to try to just-dropped appliances, we’re serving up ideas for every type of budget. Check in daily to see what’s cooking.

Genie Hoover woke up on Mother’s Day 2017 and decided it was time to move. Tired of the conventional setup of her picket-fence home in Los Angeles, she and her husband, Chris, popped by a few open houses and compiled a short new-home checklist that would make any modern-thinking Angeleno proud: something smaller and hyperefficient, more exposure to nature, and a shorter commute to the office. “The goal was to lose a thousand square feet,” says Genie. “I had a fantasy that I could live in a tiny house and reduce my wardrobe to five white shirts for work.”

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Then the couple’s real-estate agent showed them a 1958 mid-century modern property, designed by pioneering architect Ralph Bowerman. It was bigger than they needed (nearly 3,000 square feet) and not exactly close to work, but the floor-to-ceiling windows delivering canyon views and the potential to create a fantasy, open-plan kitchen sold them. “The house told us what our priorities were,”

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Signature Kitchen Suite Introduces Advanced Undercounter Wine Refrigerator at KBIS 2021

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Feb. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Signature Kitchen Suite, the leader in driving innovation in the luxury, built-in kitchen appliance market, is expanding its award-winning line of wine column refrigerators with an advanced new undercounter model, set to be unveiled this year at the virtual 2021 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). 

Unique to Signature Kitchen Suite’s wine refrigerators is Wine Cave Technology™, which minimizes vibration, temperature fluctuations, limits light exposure and optimizes humidity, protecting collections from wine’s most damaging elements. This technology mimics the ideal environment of historic old-world wine caves, like those located near Signature Kitchen Suite’s Experience & Design Center in the heart of Napa Valley, Calif.  This award-winning facility highlights the intersection of technology and culinary innovation for the new generation of Technicurean food and wine aficionados.

The new 24-inch panel-ready undercounter wine refrigerator holds 41 bottles of wine with unique features that make it the perfect place to maintain at-home collections:

  • Wine Cave Technology: Ingeniously engineered with an emphasis on providing a cave-like environment, Signature Kitchen Suite’s exclusive design protects collections against
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United States Modular Kitchen Market Report 2020-2026: Design, Distribution Channels, Products, Regions, & Company Analysis

Dublin, Feb. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “United States Modular Kitchen Market, by Design, Distribution Channels (Online, Offline), Products (Tall Storage, Floor Cabinet, Wall Cabinet), Regions, & Company Analysis” report has been added to’s offering.

United States Modular Kitchen Market is expected to be more than US$ 9 Billion by the end of the year 2026

The kitchen plays a vital role, and it is one of the essential areas in a home; it has evolved from the traditional kitchen to modular kitchen over the last decade, particularly in the United States. The kitchen is used to store all food items, utensils, spices, and kitchen electronics. Modular kitchens advantages are time-saving, energy efficiency as well as convenience in food preparation.

Growing demand for the personalized and customized kitchen is propelling the modular kitchen market in the United States as they are influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers. As a result, vendors are also providing personalized kitchens with innovative designs. With the rise of IoT devices, the use of technology is growing in the United States’ modular kitchen industry. Connectivity is quickly spreading to the kitchen and beyond from the living room.

Advanced technology integrated into the modular kitchen

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This Bright Kitchen Remodel Is Full of Cost-Saving Ideas (But You Won’t Be Able to Tell)

The inspiration: “I have an interest in durability and things that get better with age,” Ben explains. “Everything gets a bit marked or damaged, but that just adds character. I like things that are quite matte in finish, with a tactile sense and a natural utility to them.”

Square footage: 13 square meters (approximately 140 square feet)

Budget: £9,000 (approximately $12,350)

Ben can expand the antique table and reposition the swagged pendant to accommodate guests while entertaining.


Main ingredients

Countertops: Green concrete made with Lanxess dye. “It feels like it could be the color of copper when it goes green,” Ben imagines. “We used a very light touch treatment, which will allow it to patina and stain.”

Cabinets: Custom tri-ply oak fronts with a mix of original and new standard bases

Hardware: Schoolhouse Mid Century Knobs in Natural Brass

Backsplash: Villeroy & Boch matte gray tiles with brass rods and oak floating shelves. “I quite like the idea of adaptability,” says Ben. “You can play around and change it and create a display.”

Faucet: Dornbracht Tara Wall-Mounted Three-Hole Kitchen Mixer in white. “The tap is quite an unusual shape,” Ben says. “It looks like it’s from a

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Tips for making a tiny kitchen work

I have actually enjoyed many wonderful meals made by people who have created the feasts in tiny kitchens. These kitchens are so small that it is possible to lean over and stir a sauce while kicking a drawer closed with a leg extended in a small but impressive Ninja-like move.

Here are some tips for making the most of your space:

You have to think economically about your space. Storage is key. Adding floating shelves, a magnetic knife bar, a wine rack and pot racks are just a few ideas. Utilizing the space on top of your shelves and refrigerator can help a great deal for larger items and things you don’t use daily. Wire risers for your shelves can often double your shelf space. Storage organizers can help you maximize your drawer and shelf space.

Hanging things can free up a lot of space. Adding little hooks to the walls, the sides of cabinets and inside cabinet doors can help you free up counter space. You can hang pot lids or pot holders on the inside of a cabinet door. Hanging items you use frequently like measuring cups can free up drawer space for other items you don’t use

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