Learn gardening tips on zoom through a York County ‘Master Your Garden’ program

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The York County Public Library, Poquoson Public Library, and York-Poquoson Master Gardeners are hosting a series of educational gardening seminars on Zoom. (WYDaily/ Annie Gallo)
The York County Public Library, Poquoson Public Library, and York-Poquoson Master Gardeners are hosting a series of educational gardening seminars on Zoom. (WYDaily/ Annie Gallo)

Get prepared for a beautiful garden this spring and summer by learning some tips and tricks from a local virtual Master Your Garden class.

York County and Poquoson Public Libraries are partnering with the York-Poquoson Virginia Cooperative Extension office to host a series of virtual classes presented by Master Gardeners.

Master Gardeners’ mission as trained volunteers in partnership with the York–Poquoson, VCE agency, is to provide gardening educational opportunities to the public through research-based gardening programs and activities to enhance the environment and community. For more information on Master Gardeners click here.

The Master Your Garden series features a variety of Saturday seminars to help community members improve their gardening skills. Below are the classes on the schedule:

Starting from Seed (Feb. 6)

  • Join Master Gardener Nate Brauner and learn simple techniques and secrets to growing flowers, vegetables and favorite plants from seeds at home.

Pruning (Feb. 13)

  • Master Gardener Mary Boxer will lead the class to teach the safe and proper use of pruning tools to improve the health, longevity and appearance of
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Learn About Design (and Fashion) Through the Decades at This Chic New Exhibition

As the fashion calendar closes its books on the couture season, the Volker Haug Studio is having a chic affair of its own. Teaming up with Colony, a community of independent designers, the European lighting studio’s luminescence has helped turn three luxury units at 40 Bleecker Street into three iconic eras from fashion history. “Colony’s fashion-inspired design concepts spoke to the core of what our studio does,” says founder Volker Haug to AD PRO. “We bring together creatives from all different design disciplines to create lighting that is malleable to all sorts of interior settings.”

For their entry into the U.S., the Melbourne-based studio’s signature clean aesthetics can be seen throughout Colony’s curated fashion-inspired interiors on a by-appointment basis from now until April. Sconces, pendants, and chandeliers have been chosen accordingly to each represented era depending on their materials and finishes. According to Jean Lin, the founder of Colony, the collaboration was seemingly written in the stars. “Each piece works seamlessly with our design concept,” she tells AD PRO. “They add an element of true discovery to space and I’m extremely honored to play a role in Volker Haug Studio’s entry into the American market.”

A 1980s Tokyo vision.

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Take a Tour of Biden’s Transformed Oval Office, and Learn More About Its Symbolic Decor

Take a Tour of Biden’s Transformed Oval Office, and Learn More About Its Symbolic Decor

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Real Estate Investing and How to Flip Houses

The stock market has been thriving recently, which is good news for your 401(k). But, the stock market is notoriously fickle, so it’s always a good idea to diversify your investment portfolio to protect and increase your wealth. One of the best investments you can make? Real estate.

the roof of a building


Sure, buying property sounds obviously smart. Going about it is a lot more difficult than you may think, however, especially if you’re buying purely as an investment opportunity not just to live somewhere. If you’re at a point in your life when you’re ready to start making big-time investments, The Complete Real Estate Investing Bundle will be a huge asset.


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This eight-course, 14-hour bundle is taught by Ben Clardy (4.6/5 stars) and Khari Parker (4.5/5 stars). Clardy is a real estate expert who has been buying, selling, and renting houses in Atlanta for 13 years. Parker worked in management roles for Fortune 500 companies before launching a real estate company that fixes and flips houses and commercial properties.

This bundle takes an investor’s view of real estate. You’ll learn the barriers and breakthrough opportunities to wholesale real estate investing, how to strategically network to identify positive investment

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Learn how to trim trees during January gardening events

It’s a new year and a great time to work outdoors.  The People/Plant Connection is offering two seminars to help get ready for the upcoming spring planting. Due to social distancing, space is limited. Masks are welcome and reservations are required. To reserve your space, call 325-656-3104 or visit peopleplantconnection.org.

West Texas Gardening 101 will be Thursday, Jan. 21, from 2-4 p.m. This is the time of year to care for your trees. The speaker will be Allison Watkins, Agrilife Extension Horticulturist, and her presentation will be “All About Trees”. She will cover trimming, watering, and planting trees correctly for best results. Caring and planting of fruit trees will also be discussed.  Cost for the seminar is $20. The seminar will be held at the PPC Studio, 416 S. Oakes, San Angelo, Texas. Registrations are required. Call 325-656-3104 or go to the website to register: www.peopleplantconnection.org/contact.html.

The People/Plant Connection has kicked off their annual “Membership for Mulch” promotion through March 31. All the funds from memberships and donations go toward the purchase of mulch for the Children’s Adventure Garden. Mulch is used for water conservation and appearance. It takes a lot of mulch for the gardens. Joining or donating

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